In Bono’s Country



The Joshua Trio.

It’s been thirty years since the saviours and messiahs of the world, U2, unleashed The Joshua Tree on the world and took up residence in the world’s stadia. They’ll renew their leases for a tour this year, too.

So, the question occurs: will Bono’s most dedicated disciples follow him onto the road to mark the occasion and preach their gospel to a new generation?

Because that would be great.

Just putting that out there.

9 thoughts on “In Bono’s Country

  1. Jaden

    Didn’t they double up as “The Glam Tarts”? I remember a gig in Sligo in the early 90’s, or more accurately, I kinda remember a gig in Sligo about that time. Arts week or some such.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        First ever gig I attended was Skank Mooks – taken by my grandfather of all people. I was only around 3, but, I often think, it set me on a path. And met mother of my kids in Whelan’s at a Ding Dong gig around 30 years later. Years later I went up to Paul Woodfull in a pub in Liverpool and told him that he’d had a seminal-ish part in my life. He didn’t give a sh1t.

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          Never meet your heroes and all that!
          Cool grandad.
          Yours I mean, I haven’t taken to signing off my posts with that.

    1. Pip

      Hey, did you happen to see
      The most beautiful girl in the world?
      And if you did was she preggggggnannnnnnnnnnt

      Sublime! (Olympia, early 90s)

  2. Raise N D Etragh

    Spitting Image’s Bono was also pretty good “and nobody
    Knows … what I’m on about”

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