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      1. Deadly Calzone

        Chuck Berry – widely regarded as the founding pioneer of what became known as rock ‘n’ roll music, thereby changing popular culture and making him one of the most important artists of the 20th. Century.

        Nile Rodgers – produced The Thompson Twins.

  1. Ron

    Can we stop referring to these people as the ‘Undocumented Irish’ like they are some sort of heroes in exile. They are Illegal aliens who entered the country on a tourist visa and took a conscious decision to break the law and not comply with the terms of the visa they entered on. I not interested in the virtues of why they did it, I’m sure they all had valid reasons. Let’s stick to the facts and call it what it is. How would we feel if foreign governments started publicly calling on Ireland to let illegal aliens here stay put.

    1. Kenny Plank

      I am so glad Obama kept Gitmo open. We might see some of these illegal aliens getting a suntan soon. Perhaps Michael D Higgins can visit them as he genuflects in front of the Castro memorial on his next holiday with her who wears the trousers.

    2. Twunt

      Norther Ireland Conflict – The Troubles

      WWII – The Emergency

      Illegal Immigrants in the US – Undocumented Irish

      Reality is icky, so we construct an alternative which is less icky

    3. Turgenev

      Irish emigrants are only “illegal” because our Fianna Fail government in 1966 (at the advice of Archbishop John-Charles McQuaid) refused the exemption offered to a limit on emigrant numbers. At that stage the Whitaker boom in the Irish economy seemed to make emigration a) unnecessary and b) a bad thing for an economy in need of local skilled and educated workers.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I am a satellite. I come to life in the middle of the night.
      I keep you in my sight and I try to keep you bright.
      I’ll send you a hurricane if your views are too ‘right’. (wing)
      You think I’m an idiot… Alright.

      [footnote for new readers]
      (I’ve been listening to a LOT of Lee Scratch Perry recently. It influences what comes out of my fingers. I’m going to shake hands with him later on tonight, the 19th of whatever month it is now.)
      Click on my name…go on…. Get a surprise.

  2. Kdoc

    Trump won’t lure the high tech jobs back to Silicon Valley because the US can’t supply the amount of highly educated technical people required by the industry. As matters stand, most of the young tech people there hail from outside the US: “Nearly three-quarters — 74 percent — of Silicon Valley-employed computer and mathematical workers ages 25 to 44 are foreign-born, according to the 2016 Silicon Valley Index, which is released every February.” (Washington Examiner). The ‘Joe the Plumber’ types who voted for Trumpo haven’t got the skills required by the tech companies.

    1. Ron

      it’s not the high tech jobs people are worried about. it’s the thousands employed in manufacturing jobs here for US companies.

        1. Ron

          No. They are Irish people manufacturing for them. Well paid jobs too. US multinationals in the pharmaceutical/medical device sector don’t manufacture in Asia because they can’t guarantee the stringent quality regulations required of devices or drugs that go inside the human body. Although… Malaysia is quietly establishing itself as a country that can

    2. Kieran Nice Young Chap

      He’s trying to cut the number of specialist visas as well.

      Same as the UK. Who needs experts, eh?

  3. Kenny Plank

    Chuck Berry was a legend. Sure. When was the last time anyone listened to him? Get over it it. He was poop.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Grow up.
      Chuck Berry was a MASSIVE INFLUENCE in the creation of Rock ‘n’ Roll… which led on to everything you know about modern music.
      You might not respect him in the same way as I do, but show some respect.

      Have you any snide remarks to make about Bo Diddley, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Cash…?

      Just askin’?

      1. Ben Redmond

        Elvis Presley got his early musical influences from Black American singing. African rhythms, with electric guitars and hi-fi amplification, are at the heart of rock ‘n roll, and Chuck Berry from the Afro-American community was one of its great nurturers. He was to rock music, as T.S. Eliot said about Ezra Pound, ‘il migliore fabbro’.

      2. EightersGonnaEight

        You sound like Ronan Collins with this Chuck Berry Is A Legend crud. I bet you look like Ronan Collins too.

  4. Charger Salmons

    The Irish are the only people I know who embark on joyous celebrations for coming second.
    Although they’re gold medallists at having an inferiority complex.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      I don’t like disclosing too much about my personal life but I can assure you there would be joyous celebrations in my bed if I ever managed to finish second.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Won’t be long now before you’ll be pining for the days when you could get over the finishing line at all

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          At present I’m like one of those exhausted triathletes you see staggering over the line, face contorted in pain, so it can’t be long now.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Bitter at retaining the Six Nations Championships ?
        Only a thick Paddy would believe beating England is more important than winning the competition.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          Where was it suggested that anyone believes “beating England is more important than winning the competition”?

        2. This monkey's gone to heaven

          While I agreed with your first remarks the last one reveals more of what you are

  5. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    But hey, seriously. where did all the positivism disappear to?
    – Why does everyone try to create a new side of their own? ,,,We’re on the same side, you dongbrain.

    The Left : Too busy arguing about what’s right, etc.
    The Right; I’m alright Jack, keep your hands offa my stack, etc.

    Lookit boys…(wink, wink)
    I ‘d rather if you just blew the F’er up straight away… Stop the messing…
    Nobody wants to live their lives half-alive, waiting to die.

    Kill the cahoots, or give the rest of us a head-start.
    Stop messing.

      1. jusayinlike

        Same petty grudge, different troll avatar name, your getting tiresome at this stage social justice..

      2. Kenny Plank

        David Norris – the Chuck Berry of the Irish LGBT movement. When he goes, he’ll be “a legend.” For now, nobody has a clue who he is, what he does, or why.

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          ‘Sweet little sixteen’, ‘my ding a ling’… nope, I see no similarities between the two of them.

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