Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT



Broadsheet on the Telly returns tonight at 11.45 streaming LIVE above and on our YouTube whatsit.

Topics under discussion will include The Guards, Article 50, a Mother and Baby Home update and other matters (please leave any suggestions below).

If you would like to take part in future shows please send short bio to marked ‘Broadsheet on the Telly’.

All welcome.

Previously: Broadsheet on the Telly on Broadsheet.

52 thoughts on “Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            “Hello, Paddy Power, yes Brother Barnabas was the first to respond, I’ll be down later to collect…”

          1. anne

            That’s grand..I shall be tuning in in that case. :)

            He needs better wiffy though I think . Skype will drop the video and keep it to audio if the wiffy is weak.
            Nothing your IT man can do about it except get Johnny to hang up and try again.

            Actually there might be a setting on skype to utilise all the wiffy available..something like that. But maybe I’m thinking of UTorrent. Have a fiddle around with the skype settings shur.

          2. Anne

            Here ye go –


            Skype has built in Quality of Service, which cannot be adjusted by a user.

            This means that:

            1. If a user has a slow internet connection, the amount of data used will go down. The quality of the call will decrease automatically.

            2. If a user has a fast internet connection, the amount of data used will go up. The quality of the call will increase automatically.

            For many this is great.

            However, for many more people this can be very, very expensive and can affect internet usage.

            The lack of control over this quality of service, can also impact other users on the same connection, as well as other uploads or downloads that are currently ongoing.

            Proposed Solution:

          3. madatdreams

            I never knew it was Skype

            No messing, is it Skype?

            f so, Hooray for the free tools from Microsoft, etc…
            ‘FREE ALLOF THE TOOLS’

            (It isn’t Skype at all, is it?)

          4. madatdreams

            I aint complàining… no way, never.
            Last week’s episode was stunningly brilliant.

            Whatever you do in the future will always be judged against it.
            …and I have faith that you will exceed it.

            Keep on being free in the rocking World.

  1. madatdreams

    COME IN, A 55 hol 3135 number one.

    …we seem to have lost contact… do you read me, you a554o13.

    (Nothing personal, but if you think it pplies to you it probably does, actually, butt it doesnt. I cant even e botheredtouse properprounciation .)

    … ittstoomm6chefftort
    Grow up, quicklier… or whatever. I’ll

    I DON’T care what anybody else thinks.

    If I can figure that out, so can you…..

    1. madat10''tablets

      You dont know what you have, if you never had it before.

      Dont mind me. I have nothing but honesty.
      (except Honesty)
      I have nothing at all.

      Hang on.. does ‘love’ count as a ‘thing’?- Is it a ‘thing?.. something you can evaluate?
      – I love MYSELF….Surely that counts…?

      My self-analysis … (‘anal’… snigger , sorry…) is that other people should lighten up.

      Yeah, Lighten Up.
      – It could mean two things… It means both.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          I’ve been moderated twice as much as so much and I’m more or less grand about it

        2. Ratatattat

          hello jusayinlike I think your stuff is great
          Did you ever get back to me about that thing I asked you the other day there?

      1. madat12''tablets

        I havs two sequential screen shots that only YOU can explain…

        It might be easier for both of us if Ipretendeded I hadn’t got them, but eh…
        The chronological aspect just doesn’t add up.

        You know what I mean… you did it twice at least… and then I remembered….

        Nothing really Matrix.
        Anyone can see…

        Nothing really matrix, to-ooooh me..

        (Looking forward to tonight like a mad thing, ye feckin’ mad things)

        *y’know I volunteered, way back, before it got good…they suggested the Dublin Mountains, or similar. It’s not funny,
        It’s difficult by yourself, trust me.

        Only two hours left, I think hope, care that it could be the bestest one everest.

        a nd if it is or will be… remember… it would never have happened without whatsisname.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          You already know the answer, memes.

          I can only show you the door, after all, you are the one who must go through it.

        2. madat12''tablets

          You’re right mildred.
          I’m not stupid.

          My eyes might be blue, I might be mad sexy an’t’ing…. all that stuff…

          But after a while you get a pain in your snot with people saying ‘yes’ because they want you to f*** them.
          – It’s a curse.

          That’s why I’m a spectator.
          That’s why you should s** t** flip u*…like me and what I do be doing.

          You think this is digital…
          THIS IS ORGANIC.
          (trust me…it getting bigger and better every week)

          1. madat12''tablets

            I see these things the next day and I say to myself, ‘What idiot posted this?’
            – Then I see it was me, and I go, ”Oh yeah, I remember now… it was me. I think I’ll take a couple of days off and hope everyone forgets.’

            You must do that too
            At least once or twice every now and again.

            I do it all the time.

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            I like your comments, memes. They’re like some mad puzzle to try and decipher. Much better than sudoku.

    1. madat12''tablets

      Hang on a minute…

      What is 7 multiplied by 8?

      It’s okay.
      – It’s no reflection on your character. It’s much more a reflection on your whole being, in a more cosmic sense…. do you have a younger sister, etc…no…okay….
      What age is she?

      Only 3 hours to go….
      I hope I don’t do anything wrong yet.

      Smoked cod and chips, curry sauce, salt’n’ vinegar., loads of ketchup.. nothing exotic….

      Did you say you had a sister?

  2. madat12''tablets

    Change the name… No don’t…
    Create a seperate channel… call it ‘I wasn’t brave enough to go on BOTV, will this do..? PS… I am under 15 and I will get you done for paedophilia if you don’t agree…etc…

    Me, myself…
    I’m certainly not that brave yet, but I’m not going to criticise anybody who is until I am.

    People with nothing to say should say a lot less.
    Just sayin’

  3. madat12''tablets

    BOTV is about listening, not spouting out redundant agenda-driven diatribes.

    And if you can’t stand the heat…

    I get emotional.
    BOTV is the greatest thing on the Internet.
    – Not for its past performance, (although last week was a f*****g stunner), but for it’s potential.

    Long live the King, the instigator, the innovator….
    The Creator.

    Respect ‘n’ t’ing, mi brudda.

  4. madat12''tablets

    2×4@bemes here.
    I’m not wearing any underwear.
    I’m not trying to appear sexy… I had an accident earlier on that I’d rather not discuss. Feck off.

    Thank you.

  5. sparkilicious

    Haven’t seen this before and not on this site often enough (although enough to smell the bang off badatmemes) to know the characters. Initial impressions:

    Presenter: gavin lambe-murphy meets tilda swinton? Too hands off – grab a hold of Izzy!

    Izzy: mad auld bint doing her thing, probably from her period home in Portobello. I kind of like her.

    Mark: soporific.

    Caroline: She seems very pleasant but the chat about Brexit was at the level of hung over conversation at a Sunday brunch. To call her nerdy is mis-selling.

    Other lad: Did a nervy, boggery run through the papers. I’m sure he’s grand.

    The presenter has just legged it to the jacks. I think I’m going to go to bed.

    Fair play for trying something new but this is very rough around the edges. Good luck with future editions.

    1. madat12''tablets

      You love me.
      You love me slightly too much to make me feel comfortable.

      Please dont bring me into your future fantasies without reason..
      Or change my name, or something

      I’m not gay.
      No, seriously….

  6. madat12''tablets

    Deference and difference are not the same thing, whether we like it or not.
    We can share differences.

    Yeah, I know…

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