It’s Just A Phrase We’re Going Through



From top: Always angry’ Labour TD Alan Kelly; Tony Groves

Our corporate, political and media landscape is awash with meaningless phrases.

Tony Groves writes:

Everything, as they say, has its place. Everything has its part to play. Everything matters. Except when it doesn’t matter. Not really.

Recently the Daily Mail got in “trouble” for the front page sexism of its “Legs-it” headline. But it’s not that long ago that Matt Cooper was engaged in a little bit of casual sexism in the Daily Mail‘s Irish equivalent.

He derided Mary Lou McDonald for her dress sense and said she was “every bit as dangerous as Donald Trump”. I don’t recall an other Irish newspapers calling for apologies in the same way as the UK papers did for Teresa May, do you?

So sometimes things matter and sometimes they don’t. What the qualifying criteria are for such things, I don’t know.

There is a written language that we all can read, but none of us can really understand. That is to say, we understand the individual words, but they never actually add up to a meaningful sentence.

Our corporate, political and media landscape is awash with these phrases. I’ve bastardised some of my favourites below. They aren’t quiet oxymorons, but they are always taking us for morons.

Roots and branches are always reviewed. Failures are always systemic. Errors are always clerical. Exercises are always scoping. Pride is always resorted. And Noirin is always defiant.

Talks are always collapsing. Unions are always greedy. Management is always unreasonable. Efficiencies are always seeking. Brendan Ogle is always a Firebrand. Strikes are always wildcat. And Shane Ross is always missing.

Celebrity tweets are always hilarious. Twitter is always in meltdown. Trolls are always vicious. Chat is always snapping. Memes are always trending. And you always believe what you won’t believe happened next.

Rivals are always in the long grass. Knives are always out. Sources are always close to. Ministerial briefs are always getting handled. And Gerry is always denying he was ever a member of.

Plans are always strategic. Thinking is always blue sky. Jobs are always announced a few times. Corporation Tax Rates are always off the table. Brussels is always threatening fines. And Brian Hayes is always on your telly.

The centre must always be held. Politics must always be new. Polls must always be telling. The Left must always be Loony. The Right must always be Centrist. And Mick Martin is always the most popular leader, but not populist.

Crisis Talks are always crunching. Force is always excessive. Protesters are always like ISIS. Billions must always be wasted. Quango’s must always be re-branded. And Alan Kelly is always angry.

Immigration is always mass. Public Meetings are always Town halls. Citizens are always Assembling. Inquiries are always commissioned. And Paul Murphy is always the Posh Trot.

Speakers are always key. Doctors are always spinning. The recovery, like Enda, is always going. Bubbles are always bursting. Terry Prone is always paid. And Denis O’Brien is always REDACTED.

The middle is always squeezed. Vultures are always swooping. Confidence is always protected. NAMA is always defended. And Michael Noonan is always rebutting.

Events are always tragic. Tragedies are always avoidable Eulogies are always heartbreaking. Oliver Callan is always spot on.

Migrants are always economic. Refugees are always a significant risk. Power is always having truth spoken to it. Appeals are always falling on deaf ears. Europe is always our friend. And RTÉ is always biased according to both sides of the debate.

Articles are always being triggered. Borders are always porous. Market contagion is always spreading. Europe is always our enemy. The Union is always breaking. And no deal is always better than a bad deal?

There’s hundreds more of these phrases. They fill empty air with empty words. None of them speak of real Accountability or actual Implementation. They are cloaking phrases. Used to cloak the unaccountable and a lack of effort.

But it’s not all bad. At least there’s always Sean Moncrieff, weekdays between 2 and 4, always asking interesting questions…

Tony Groves is a full-time financial consultant and part-time commentator. With over 18 years experience in the financial industry and a keen interest in politics, history and “being ornery”, he has published one book and writes regularly at Trickstersworld

22 thoughts on “It’s Just A Phrase We’re Going Through

  1. Fairhill

    They always have to be let “make myself clear” see Pasquale O Donohue or anybody trained by Torry Prune

  2. Diddy

    Good one. That said language is contagious. The one p!ssing me off is ” Game changer” so American, so dramatic and so less elegant than “turning point”

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      How about a ‘seismic shift’, Diddy – or a ‘fiscal space’? Gets my juices flowing – how about you?

  3. Mourning Ireland

    A footballers millions or aul wan’s apartment selling price in millions is always prefixed by “cool”. A YouTube video of pets is always “Adorable”. A shaming picture outside the circuit court is always “Face of man who …. masturdated in Tescos in front of child”. A video of drunk Donegal teenagers doing a Beyoncé song in a car is always “hilarious lads go viral”. But enough of the Irish Independent front page.

  4. RockyRoader

    @slick rick – my feelings exactly.
    Now I’m off in that lofty vehicle, high dudgeon.

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    Well said on what I have been thinking lately when reading news. In fact you ‘took the words right out…..doh’. We use so little of our language.

  6. spotthecliché

    If you are going to shout about clichés , then STOP fupping using them. The lady doth protest too much… blah blah blah ..sth ..sth

  7. martco

    only thing you can do to counteract this utter nonsense in the workplace at least is enjoy a game of bullshit bingo with your fellow travellers…good craic and if you’re caught out at it even has a healthy “cop on to yourself” effect on the offenders. recommended.

  8. Boj

    ‘Team EU’ is a fledgling one creeping about the place lately. With the addition of ‘firmly on’, depending on context.

  9. Topsy

    Heard Kelly on the Radio earlier. He could do with some anger management sessions. Some gobdaw.

  10. Fgshill

    That was good. Like a spoken word poem but then you did an ad for Moncrieff at the end. Don’t get me wrong Moncrieff is great but now the whole post sounds like an ad for the Moncrieff show. Maybe that’s how BS makes a few quid though. In which case – well played

  11. Sheik Yahbouti

    Whilst I do not disagree with your remarks, Tony – if the Sean Moncrieff show is our last bastion – we are in much deeper doo doo than even I could have imagined.

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