A Limerick A Day



Randy Work asked judge to take into account his ‘genius’ during divorce proceedings

A financier called Randy Work
Demanded in court, with a smirk
A far larger share
Than his ex wife thought fair
As his genius was owed a perk.

John Moynes

Pic: AP

21 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Well he was some genius if he thought the 50:50 rule didn’t apply to him. Friend of mine gave up work when she married, spent numerous hours in the salon and gym, but still claimed 50% of her husband’s assets when they divorced. Lolzers.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        How grateful I am for your sharp analysis m’Lord. For how would I know myself only for my diverse friends with questionable morals.

    1. Anne

      As one of Trump’s exes- Ivanka or Ivana from eastern europe- said “darhlink dunt git miiid get effreeeting” or something along those lines.

  2. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    There is no 50:50 rule. Generally men come off worse in our lousy family courts system because it is biased towards women who are also the default primary care givers in the court’s eyes.

    1. Starina

      depends on the situation. i know one woman whose ex was rich and had connections so he got their child taken off her out of spite even though he had no interest in the kid otherwise.
      also, statistically, after a divorce, women are worse off and stay worse off, while men are better off and stay better off, financially.

      1. This monkey's gone to heaven

        That’s often because they were doing the unpaid work of housekeeping both before and after the divorce and then also find it hard to reintegrate back into the workforce

    2. Karen

      And my mum got taken to the cleaners by her dead beat never worked a day in his life ex(thankfully)husband, we all have our anecdotal evidence don’t we, kinda skews your “men get screwed in divorces narrative”. Really, really sick of this women get 50% narrative.

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