Listen To Your Emojis



What does that face mean?

Emma Doran provides emoji-nal rescue.


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8 thoughts on “Listen To Your Emojis

  1. nellyb

    Emma, if you’re reading this – you’re european answer to Reductress, it’s delightful :-)
    have a good weekend.

  2. Riz

    I think I saw Emma in a coffee shop on South William Street a while ago. I was going to say something but then when I thought about it I couldn’t think of what I could say that would not be super awkward for all involved.

    And so I watched her from afar.

    (actually that sounds well creepy – I didn’t so much ‘watch’ her as joined the queue for coffee and forgot about it until just now).

  3. know man is an island

    I like the way she doesn’t answer any of the comments here ( as far as we know anyway). Unlike several other attention seeking content providers we could mention.

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