Decommissioned Irish navy vessel LÉ Aisling


John Harrington writes:

LÉ Aisling. Sold for €110K in March by Irish Government..yours for $750,000 in May.

Good times.

Fisheries Patrol Vessel (Unlimitedoffshore)

LÉ Aisling

40 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. The Bottler

    Revenue Person…..”Yes, I can confirm we have received your VAT payment, Mr. Byrne and am pleased to advise it has already been squandered by the Government”

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        I “hit the streets” quite frequently in recent times. Where were you – and all of your buds??

        1. On The Buses

          I am also prone to a bit of pavement punching. I think we need a more general march though. Bagsy being the charismatic leader!

    1. classter

      Seems little a large disparity but I know nowhere near enough to be able to say.

      Anyone here actually have any knowledge of the subject?

      Do these vessels ever go for the guide price (or above)?

  2. dav

    In fairness to thems that’s in charge, I heard an interview on Morning Ireland a few months back with the dealer and he explained that the small price was due to the high cost any buyer would have to incur in getting the vessel shipshape (excuse the pun) and also due to the fact that if they want to change what the ship does (ie change it into a ferry or a cruise ship) there is cost involved in reregistering it..

    1. dav

      That is why soo many vessels end up towed to the scrappers yard in india – too costly to maintain or to change what the vessel does.

      1. dav

        Damnit, can I retract and demand it to be used as a citizens gun boat on the liffey with it’s guns pointed towards leinster house??

    2. mildred st. meadowlark

      Wow. Not sure I’ve ever seen you come out in defense of the lads at Leinster house.

      However, that’s a very fair point you make about costs required for the boat. It’s an expensive business is boating.

    3. On The Buses

      Look at this Rat come along to defend the lords. They’re selling it as a fisheries patrol vessel, the same exact purpose it was serving to the military.


    Docked at IFSC with 46 berths to rent at 1350 euro each a month…covney missed a trick there

  4. Friscondo

    I’m going to start a crowdfund to buy it, and anchor it off Rockall to keep the Brits away post Brexit. Who’s with me?

    1. On The Buses

      You should have though about that before it increased in value by almost 700%

  5. Junkface

    “LÉ Aisling. Sold for €110K in March by Irish Government..yours for $750,000 in May.”

    The Farce that is modern Ireland continues. Full steam ahead!

    1. Donal

      The linked article above clearly states that it was sold at auction, anyone could bid, that guy made the highest bid, nobody else wanted it. The auctioneer is quoted as saying the market for such boats has collapsed.
      Now the buyer is trying to sell it for a profit, and good luck to him.
      Any notion that the state failed to get the best price they could at the time this was for sale is nonsense.

    1. Michael

      There’s also 9 ton weight difference between what was sold and now advertised as well as capacity for two more people.

  6. Cian

    It’s a bit like that post last week about the fella who bought a house, completely refurbished it (wiring, plumbing, kitchen, bathroom, windows and floors) and put it back on the market with an asking price 100K higher.


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