FREE This Weekend?


Ross O’Mullane writes:

Now that the evenings are longer and the rain has warmed up a bit, we’re back with the map of cheap and free things.

But can you fill in the gaps?

What free or cheap event do you know of that we missed on the map this week? Best suggestion wins a €50 me to you voucher.

Lines close at 5.25pm

Cheap and free stuff to do this weekend 20th-21st May (Energia)

16 thoughts on “FREE This Weekend?

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Was there a few years ago for that. Great time had. Really nice vibes altogether.

  1. Sailor

    So this O’Mullane guy wants us to do his job for him? All the while the ‘energia’ company he works for get’s free advertising. Lazy.

    1. Bodger


      You have won the fifty euro voucher! Congratulations. Ross at Energia credited your ‘outdoorsy vibe and extensive detail’. Just sent you an email there.

  2. Otis Blue

    ‘Bring your dog to the pub’
    day in the Rising Son brewery in Cork on Saturday

  3. Conor Kirwan

    I’m bringin my little brother to the airport tonight and collecting him on sunday for FREE cos I’m sound

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