A Limerick A Day


This morning I’m forced to be blunt
About Met Éireann’s cheap tacky stunt
Someone was aghast
When the weather forecast
Showed signs of a rather warm front

John Moynes

Pic: RTÉ

7 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Turgenev

    You’d want to be looking very carefully at the presenters rather than the weather map to see outlines of the presenters’ underwear.

    1. rotide

      If you run it back through your PC, then screenshot it, then run a few photoshop color balances on it, export it as a high res TIFF and display it back on your TV, the outline of the underwear is VERY obvious.

  2. Lord Snowflakee

    “This is not freedom of expression or feminism, this is just a lack of human standards,” they wrote.

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