From top: Customised sign at Grand Canal Square; aerial view of square


Dublin Bike Blog writes:

Someone has taken it upon themselves to ‘customise’ the new signs at Grand Canal Square! #SpaceForCycling #SharedSpace


Thanks Dublin Cycling


73 thoughts on “Square Rage

  1. edalicious

    It’s feckin head wrecking. The Grand Canal Cycle Route goes through that Square. What’s the point of having a cycle route that you can’t even cycle on?!!

    1. postmanpat

      Just don’t dismount, I don’t. If I wanted to walk Id leave the bike at home. What’s the worst that can happen, some tut-tutting from overweight people who wouldn’t cycle in a fit?

        1. postmanpat

          Its not. It’s like one of those road works signs put up by a private contracted company. Its not legally binding , just meant to seem that way. It has as much authority as Patrick McDonnell from Naked Camera. Just ignore it. And don’t cycle into pedestrians.

        2. gerry

          If something is prohibited the signage must use white text on a red background with a symbol inside a red circle. If it is mandatory white text on blue is used with a white symbol on a solid blue circular background. If it is a hazard the sign then it is black text on yellow with a black symbol on a solid yellow triangle.

          A symbol in a green circle means nothing. Ignore.

          1. Rob_G

            There is also a ‘cyclists dismount’ sign at the East-Link bridge; this similarly has no legal basis.

          2. jimi

            I would put money on it that the whole area is “private property” and as such entry is dependent on accepting the whims of the capitalist overlords, like how the right to take photographs in public is “suspended” in the IFSC.

      1. ineverthoughtidenduphere

        Postmanpat, You attitude typifies every botty-boo cyclist, the city isn’t a highway of unbridled shortcuts for your convenience. If cyclists follow the rules, however arbitary, they might gain more respect from the general public.

        1. Rob_G

          I agree with you re: Pat’s tone, but if DCC built a road, but then specified that motorists would have to stop their car, let the handbrake off and push it 100m before getting back in and driving again, drivers would be mightily ticked off – and rightly so.

          1. Increasing Displacement

            Ridiculous comparison

            If you said drive at walking speed it may have made some sense

        2. gerry

          The city should be a series of spaces for the convenience of the public. What else would it be?

          1. Increasing Displacement

            No just cyclists….
            Just cyclists

            Or so they’d have you believe from the tudes

        3. postmanpat

          Every cyclist that was killed on the road by a vehicle this year was following the rules. If I thought the rules made any difference to my safety Id would follow them. A cyclist has never killed a pedestrian. and don’t care about the respect from overweight moaners, if their was no such thing as bikes they would be moaning about joggers instead. So, no I wont dismount, not even for an official sign let alone a pseudo-official one like in the photo. Thanks.

          1. TheCitizen

            Cyclists have killed pedestrians.
            Cyclists have also created fear in elderly and infirm pedestrians, cyclists have scared parents with toddlers thinking they were safe to let them walk in an area with no vehicles, cyclists have ran into dogs on a leash who’s owners were under the illusion that a park was a safe place to walk.

            Need I continue?

          2. Serv

            Eh the only cyclist pedestrian death in the last few years was where a cyclist was killed when a pedestrian walked into a cycle lane.

  2. Boj

    I always though it was funny that the road going down the side of the theatre is called Misery Hill.

    After some googling I discover some interesting history: “in the early 13th century, there was a leper hospital close to the junction of modern Townsend Street and Hawkins Street. Sufferers who were unable to gain entrance to the hospital would spend the night at Misery Hill, well away from the town and its citizens.”

    Cyclist don’t have it that bad now do they?

        1. edalicious

          Oh god yeah, all the way from the Dualler up to Deer Park? I’ve gone MILES out of my way to avoid it.

          1. Jaden

            Cycle up Mobhi Road sometime. Everything else is a brief skim over a frozen lake in comparison.

    1. Boj

      Also…Misery Hill featured in The Commitments at the very end when Wilson Pickett pulled over in the limo looking for the likely lads.

    1. Otis Blue

      See, this is exactly what RTÉ should be commissioning.

      Still, I probably wouldn’t watch it.

  3. munkifisht

    Why is there still a movement against cyclists. I mean it defies all logic. Cycling is better for everyone.
    For the PAYE worker more cyclists means more healthy people and less car emissions, and cyclists are less likely to smoke and drink heavily which means less cost to the taxpayer in health.
    For everyone cyclists mean less noise and air pollution
    For cars it means less cars on the road, which means less traffic on the road and freeer flowing traffic. This also means that good can be transported easier around the city, dropping the cost of these goods. It also means that reduced road tax as road maintenance costs are reduced (also a benefit to the PAYE worker as road tax only pays for part of the cost of transport). Cyclists are also more efficient users of road space.
    For pedestrians it means roads are safer (because a crash involving a bike is less likely to kill you).
    There is pretty much no downside to cycling, and while the health benefits of cycling will outweigh the risks, one of the key things that keeps new cyclists off the roads is the lack of proper cycling infrastructure. Everyone should be clamoring for better cycling infrastructure, segregated lanes, proper cycling awareness, but Ireland is decidedly backward, and people are happy to wallow in their cars, pumping out CO2 for hours as they make the crawl home.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Because of their whiny entitlement complexes and wanting everything laid on for for them but paid for by other people.

      1. gerry

        You could day drivers are equally entitled. Look at all the whining going on here by people who don’t cycle such as yourself.

        1. Increasing Displacement

          How do you know she doesn’t cycle?

          I can’t cycle to work, too far. So I want my cycle to work tax back scheme to be applied to something else I want to own. That’s fair right? Why should I be omitted from tax breaks just because of an injury?

          1. gerry

            It can be inferred by the comments about people who cycle. The tax break is there to achieve a particular objective which is to encourage cycling. Allowing it to be used for another purpose would clearly make no sense.

          2. Increasing Displacement

            To achieve what goal? To have more people cycling everywhere?
            To have more people cycling in cities?
            I know people who spent a small fortune on bikes on that scheme and cycle them once in a blue moon.

            Is that money well spent? No. And there’s loads of people doing it.

            It would make much more sense to get people walking or running or rowing or lifting weights as these exercises are better than cycling in nearly every way and are accessible to a wider range of ages and disabilities.

            Why can’t people get tax back for these things?

          3. Rob_G

            … and I know lots of people who bought bikes and use them to cycle everywhere.

            You should be encouraging people to cycle; even people who don’t cycle will benefit from quicker journeys through less congestion.

          4. edalicious

            I think the point of encouraging cycling, Increasing Displacement, is that people tend to incorporate cycling into their daily activities, like for commuting, etc, rather than something that is done in addition to daily activities, like going for a run in the evening. What this means is that the people who take up cycling are more likely to continue to do it and are more likely to spend more time doing it per week than other forms of physical exercise. Thus, the tax breaks on buying bikes are a good investment.

          5. Increasing Displacement

            I’d say you know a lot of male hens Rob

            I get what you’re saying edalicious, don’t like it but I get it.

          6. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Aye, edalicious. I fecking hate cycling but I have to do it to get in and out of work as quickly as possible. It can take up to an hour using a bus. 18-20 mins tops cycling. I have to collect Baby Andy in the evenings so the quicker I get home the better. So now I’m fit despite myself. The cycle to work scheme allowed me to get a decent bike. And there’s the cheapo bus ticket scheme for those who don’t want to cycle.

          7. Increasing Displacement

            “The cycle to work scheme allowed me to get a decent bike” – whats wrong with a 300-400 euro bike?

            You doing 40kmh or something?

            You needed to spend 1000+? #cyclistentitlement

          8. edalicious

            The scheme is capped at a grand, ID, so no one is spending 1000+ on their bike to work bike.

          9. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I spent €450. To me that’s a lot.
            Sorry to disappoint.

      2. Rob_G

        Because of their whiny entitlement complexes and wanting everything laid on for for them but paid for by other people.

        – by asking to be provided with infrastructure (which their taxes* have contributed towards) that will allow them to go from A to B without being smushed under the wheels of a lorry. Ya, crazy demands, alright…

        *cyclists pay taxes, and their is no such thing as ‘road tax’, so don’t even…

      3. munkifisht

        Are ye daft? Cyclists cost way way way less than cars. Way less. Cars are hte big burden on the road and road tax doesn’t come close to covering their footprint. The shortfall is made up in PAYE taxes. Cars also kill 1000s of people each year, not only in collisions, but also pollution. If ye wanna see entitled, look in a mirror.

    2. Increasing Displacement

      Some people dont like getting p!ssed on 6 months of the year while cycling.

      Noise pollution would increase, more cyclists = more self righteous moaning

      1. gerry

        In Dublin it rains over 1mm of rain an average of just 128 days in the year. That includes many days when the rainfall happens outside of commuting hours.

        1. Increasing Displacement

          So? I didn’t include hail, snow, ice. Not to mention the woeful visibility due to darkness from 5pm for 3 months.

          I got knocked down. Twice. In full high vis gear. I see a high % of cyclists who cycle without lights or high vis. Even in dark clothes. And someone else will be at fault for hitting them, not the cyclist for their own stupidity at not being more visible or cycling through lights or weaving through traffic.

          Cities shouldn’t be changed for cyclists. Simple as.
          It’s not the be all and end all. Never will be.
          The numbers will barely warrant the services that it already has.

          Eventually something electric will be the main form and cyclists will moan about that too

          1. postmanpat

            You just admitted that the full viz gear made no difference , then go on about it being cyclists own fault. You’re all over the place dude. I’ve cycled into work every day for the last 20 years . You might arrive into work wet about 4 times a year at most. Its a small price to pay compared to the money and time wasting sitting on the bus in traffic. Most cyclists mind their own business, were not all white boy 90’s dreadlocked time warped cycleways couriers.

          2. Rob_G

            … didn’t include hail, snow, ice

            – you’re just clutching at straws now; anyone who cycles will tell you that we have lately received very little of these.

          3. cupofteaanyone

            But the City is always changing and for reasons other then cyclists. This square is on a cycle paty and with a bit of foresight could have easily accommodated cyclists. If the planners included cycling needs in all their plans the infrastructure would improve over time. They built luas lines through the city and with a bit of foresight could have included cycle lanes where possible so cyclists would be off the main roads and away from traffic.

          4. Increasing Displacement

            Absolute bull faeces. You could have 4 in a week sometimes. I used to cycle. Made my point, sticking with it.

            Cities should not be changed to accommodate cycling like it’s some form of transport 50% of us will use at some point as our main form of transport.
            Not happening. Get over yourselves…oh wait I forgot you’re cyclists

          5. Rob_G

            I think Broadsheet should publish more articles on cycling infrastructure, and we can have a pool on how many articles it will take for Increasing Displacement to have a rage-induced aneurysm.

          6. gerry

            The figure I referenced includes all forms of precipitation. Your posts are fact free and you flip flop all over the place erratically. Read back over your own posts and I think you will find they appear to be the most moany on this page.

          7. jimi

            “we can have a pool on how many articles it will take for Increasing Displacement to have a rage-induced aneurysm.”

            Judging by some of the nonsense spewed forth so far, that ship might have already sailed…

    3. edalicious

      “cyclists are less likely to smoke and drink heavily”

      Speak for yourself there, Munki :D

      1. munkifisht

        I did get a monster waft of primo skank off a lad cycling down the road yesterday. Proper dutch cycling.

        1. edalicious

          One thing I’ll never get is people actually having a fag while cycling, seems like more effort than it’s worth.

  4. Shayna

    I saw that sign the other day, didn’t think to take a pic tho’. Some of us are pedestrians while the rest are mounted on cycles (Sorry Oscar).

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          That plan’s so cunning, you could put a tail on it & call it a weasel.

          1. Shayna

            I did promise I wouldn’t invade Czechoslovakia in ’39, and look where were are now.

  5. Shayna

    @ Brother Barnabas, I’m already on the naughty step because of … What can I help you with?

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