Four To The Floor




Dalkey. County Dublin

Anne Patricia writes:

FOUR spaces…

10 thoughts on “Four To The Floor

    1. God IV

      Windows and wheels…? I think you’ll find all cars follow this model, so it def is typical.

      1. dav

        I think he means typical of anyone who owns an audi, because it’s scientifically proven that they are cilly sunts

  1. Holden MaGroin

    I don’t want to float some sort of blasphemous Galileo like ideas here but…… is it possible that the person had to park that way because that was the way the cards around them had parked and this was the only way they could fit?

    Just putting it out there.

    1. Termagant

      It’s possible, but unlikely, and given the unholy trinity of Dalkey + Audi + SUV in the suburbs I think we can take the kind of thoughtless arrogance that would think nothing of occupying 4 spaces at a time is a given.

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