Lend Them Your Limericks


The All Blacks thought they couldn’t lose
The test with the Lions a cruise
But the Lions proved tougher
And meaner and rougher
And the All blacks Slunk off amidst boos!

Martin Cahill

A geezer named Donald Trump,
Gave most of the world the hump
When he said to them all
I’ll build a big wall
And the brickies ill pay on the lump

Mick O’Brien

I once knew a dolphin called Jim
Who went and forgot how to swim.
He quite nearly drowned,
Jumped up on the ground,
And prayed ’til he sprouted a limb.

Darren Hughes

An eager young beaver named Leo
Was Enda’s pretend Alter Ego
Til one day with a shout
He cried, “please let me out!”
And now he’s Fine Gael’s Padre Pio

Frances Browner

There is a wonderful place in the west
A City which is the very best
The People, the Places and all the smiling faces
A step above all the rest.

Lucy Gibbons

Some of the entries to the Limerick competition for the 4th annual Bring Your Limericks to Limerick festival hosted by the Limerick Writer’s Centre this August.

The competition has a a grand prize of €500 for the best Limerick.

Enter you ‘rick here.

Bring Your Limericks To Limerick

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3 thoughts on “Lend Them Your Limericks

  1. petey

    jesus h. christ on a stick
    it’s a contest for new limericks
    whoe’er can compose ’em
    can win some big wampum
    which comes in the form of a brick.

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