This afternoon.

RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Scenes from the the first day of the 2017 Horse Show.

From pic 3: Joe and Julia Carey;l  Lillie Keenan riding for the USA team; Sarah and Denise Conway and Rose Collins ; Barry Twomey; Emily Jenkin and Victoria Ollivier.


16 thoughts on “Show Ponies

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Oh my. I’ve been wearing red trousers for years. Didn’t realise it was a wardrobe faux-pas.

      Also, a lot of Lord ‘Porchie’ Porchester foreheads in that crowd…..

  1. edalicious

    I was ACTUALLY talking about the quality of the photo; great feeling of dynamism and movement of the subject and a definite feeling of “intent” conveyed. Pity about yer man in red in the background though, kinda throws off the symmetry…


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