Just like the air max on the teenagers feet,
And like the broken glass on the city street,
And like the backpack on the empty bus seat, belong

Just like the joyful air in the kids football,
And like the communion picture on the living room wall,
And like the contact lens on the bloodshot eyeball, belong

Everything should belong somewhere,
Just like commuter stuck in traffic, and the kid in full time childcare,
Everyone MUST belong somewhere,
So why are we okay leaving them there?

Just like the floral print on the tablecloth,
And like the cappuccino with the extra froth,
And like the boiled ribs in your nanny’s broth, belong

Just like the dark thoughts in my troubled head,
And like the nightshift worker in her daytime bed,
And like quoted tweet that just says thread, belong

Just like the shit stir words on the Op-Ed page,
And like the evicted tenant filled with rage,
And like an empty promise on a political stage, belong

Everything wants to belong somewhere,
Just like the kid stuck in a hotel, and the patient stuck on a chair,
Everyone must belong SOMEWHERE,
So why are we okay leaving them there?
I’m not okay just letting them rot there.

Tony Groves

21 thoughts on “Belong

        1. badatmemes

          Wait a moment… I just remembered…

          There’s always the bloke who doesn’t appreciate poetry. (I use the word ‘bloke’ judiciously. Chicks dig poetry, but I digress…)
          Y’know the type… They think all lead-singers should just whistle because words are stupid.
          Just because they’re right most of the time they think they can tell other people what they should or should not do.

          I wish I had a stronger argument to make.
          I’m starting to think this was all a big mistake
          I mean FFS.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      A man who pretends to be a lady and does a convincing job of it and waits for you to find out the truth for yourself. That’s much worse.

  1. Smith

    This is great. Would do very well in a sixth class poetry competition, and if it didn’t win it would have a great chance of being read out at assembly, or in religion class at the least.

  2. Jocky

    Another homeless character in the independent today. This one is still alive. His summary is that he made himself homeless because his neighbour was noisy.
    Last week we had a violent paedophile who died accidentally .
    Another tragic case where a woman living in a hotel after turning down long term council accommodation took her own life.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      So precisely what is it that these acts add to this situation? Other than making their deaths more palatable, more justifiable to people.

      Would it be more tragic if the next person who dies was once a fine, upstanding individual who never did anything worse than stepping on an unsuspecting snail?

      It won’t change facts. People are dying on the streets, and the government continues to do nothing.

    2. scottser

      Jocky cops on that people live complicated lives. It’s feasible that you could have lived next door to a violent sex offender and not known. Like you can’t really know what that lady’s thoughts were when she took her own life. Homelessness was common to them but it’s pointless drawing analogies there.

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