A Limerick A Day


Toad Of Toad Hall US President Donald Trump

To say that you coined the word “fake”
Is one hell of a big claim to make
This shabby regime
Is one long bad dream
Oh when will we finally awake?

John Moynes

Pic: PA

2 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Eamon

    There was a fella called Trump.
    Who sat on the loo for a dump.
    While groping his nanny
    A rat jumped out
    And bit him hard in his old fanny.

    1. talklessworkmoreok

      naw, not a limerick

      another option:
      …who sat on the loo for a dump,
      while groping his nanny
      a rat bit his fanny
      and left a huge orange-red lump .

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