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  1. Milo

    At least all this outpouring of sexual harassment is leading to more restraint in the objectification of women in the media.

  2. Shayna

    Anyone who believed, or believes that a “Hard” border wouldn’t happen post Brexit is about to be proven wrong. The North of Ireland is going to remain a frontier/border for (what remains of) The British Empire.
    Remonstrations in Sweden won’t swing it – it’s happening. The “government” in the North haven’t sat since the election, the good thing is that the NI politicians don’t appear on the News. Every cloud, etc…

    1. Charger Salmons

      Get over it Spud.
      Fact is the UK can do pretty much what it wants with the border because it knows that the majority of people south of it don’t really give a toss.
      Even if they could afford it Irish people don’t really want the hassle of the North.
      And even a majority of Catholics in the north really don’t want to be part of the Republic.Even without a functioning government they know they’re still better of being part of Blighty and enjoying its munificence rather than joining the South and having to emigrate in their hundreds of thousands to find work.
      And they rather like their free healthcare as well.
      Misty-eyed barstoolers on their 8th pint might tell you otherwise but the reality is different.
      Bertie was right last night when he said this is Ireland”s moment in the sun but come December when the EU want Timorese ahead with trade talks Varadkar the German poodle will be called to heel by Frau Merkel.

      1. Charger Salmons

        No jobs for them in the south old bean.
        If there were then hundreds of thousands of expat Paddies would be back home in a shot.
        Well,perhaps not.
        Once they’ve tasted life in a proper country few of them seem to want to come back.

  3. Shane

    I was raped/ assaulted by a woman approx 20 years ago .
    Im a man and actually feel even more suppressed by all of this stuff in the media.
    With all the levels of what is now considered assault against women im terrified of where i stand.
    Im also scared if i came out how might it affect the person that took advantage of me.
    This is my only social media post about this incident as i feel the need to vent as the current climate is such.
    I guess my point is its not just men behaving badly.
    I was raped…..
    It wasnt fun or nice etc
    It was violation……
    Im 43…… it still disturbs me

    1. Frilly Keane

      What Ms Costello said Shane
      Seriously, don’t live with this on your own,
      Make an appointment
      Once you do
      I’m confident you’ll start to feel more at ease with your burden
      All the best

  4. Catherinecostelloe

    God help us, 17 murders in Dublin this year and making a big deal over a man calling a woman a bitch several years ago in tweets.
    He should not lose his job over that and bitch is not an obscene word.

  5. Charger Salmons

    Great article about Brexit and the Border in the Irish Times from the pen of ace wordsmith Boris.
    Can’t wait to read the splenetic outrage of the boggers in the comments section.
    Most will be right though – most of Britain couldn’t give two hoots about what goes on in Ireland.They think it’s an unimportant,mostly rural backwater living daily life as an episode of Father Ted.

    1. What’sSpaghettiHoopDoingTheseDays?

      Absolutely spot on

      And you know what Charger much to my surprise most of Britain is like little Britain and equally as parochial

      A nation once famed for tolerance has turned into a bigoted bitter blighted isolated isle

      1. Charger Salmons

        Record numbers of EU citizens coming into the UK THIS year would beg to differ I suggest.
        Brexodus,me hole.
        Back to the GAA club for a bottle of red lemonade and a packet of Taytos for you my good man.

        1. What’sSpaghettiHoopDoingTheseDays?


          I’ll make sure to drink a toast to the IRA heroes of Warrington while I’m there

    1. Brother Barnabas

      Being threatened with rape might have altered her opinion of the site and a knacker who comments on it. Unfortunate but understandable.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          Yes. Especially unfortunate when someone who made such a positive contribution gets bullied off by someone who, eh, doesn’t.
          Anyway, enough said.

          1. What’sSpaghettiHoopDoingTheseDays?

            Apparently she “wasn’t grateful” when he made her some mix tape of that worthless noise he prefers, I wish someone who would come in here and pontificate to others regularly would show a bit more cop on but not going to happen

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