Insure Where Would You Get It?


There’s no consensus except to GOUGE.

Vic Barry writes:

It’s time to renew my insurance and believe it or not, Car Insurance in Ireland is still a joke. I got multiple quotes from everybody including An Post,, Chill, AIG, Liberty and loads more! The difference between them all is crazy!

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13 thoughts on “Insure Where Would You Get It?

          1. Jake38





          2. jusayinlike

            Jake did you ever see the amount of insurance ads in all those rags, online and print, they have a vested interest in maintaining ad revenue and go out of their way to please them..

  1. Donal

    Just moved house, about a mile as the crow flies, quiet settled suburban area to new greenfield housing development. Insurance renewed a month ago. Change of address has increased my annual premium from just below 600 to approx 750.
    That’s a 25% increase solely based on the chance of the car being stolen.
    No way that’s a justifiable increase in risk

    1. Peadar

      A few years ago I moved postcode to an area of higher car theft. Same thing happened to me, the insurance company bumped up my premiums because there was a higher risk of my car being stolen.

      I was insured Third Party Only.

      Charlatans the lot of them

      1. Dave

        Just moved house and my girlfriends insuranc eis going up by just over 40%. Moving from a place with on street parking where wing morrirs were regularly damaged and car windows were smashed on a few ocasions over the few years I was living there (thankfully never our car) to a small apartment block with secure underground parking. Absolute rip off merchants.

        Insuranc ecompanies lost out on investments during the crash so are milking customers or everything they can get to make up for it and keep their profits insanely high. Car insurance is compulasary (as is a bloody car for many given chronic under investment in public transport) so we shouldn’t allow private companies to make a killing off it.

  2. talklessworkmoreok

    Listen to Seamus Maye’s explosive reaction when the elephant in the room is once again ignored.

    Seamus Maye is founder of the ‘International Small Business Alliance’ and is no stranger to fighting white-collar crime. A relentless campaigner, he has been fighting criminal price-fixing cartels and other competition law abuses for decades, across several countries, straddling both hemispheres.

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