FeckOff writes:

21 Kenilworth Square, Dublin 6, empty for around 20 years now

Empty Gaffs to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Empty Gaffs’

12 thoughts on “No One Home

    1. Vote Rep #1

      Welcome to property rights you mean? If its been empty for over 20 years, its not somebody sitting on it hoping the price goes up. Its a family will issue. The executor of the will might not be able to find the person who it was left to and so, until the will is executed, so it stands.

  1. Sean

    During the last boom, while I was still a teenager, we used to drop in to these empty gaffs and have epic parties. Sometimes full drum kits would enter through the window. This one looks a bit too terraced for my needs but I hope some homeless people squat the shit out of it. You’d be amazed how slow ESB etc are at cutting utilities.

  2. Joe Small

    Many houses are left unoccupied after the owner dies without a will. I know of a fine house near the Phoenix Park that’s been in legal dispute for 30 years and its now falling apart and a 300 acre farm in Munster that hasn’t had a legal owner since 1922.

  3. Joe Small

    There was a John Kelly living there in 1991 – last reference I can find. Last sold in 1983 I think for around £60,000. Original 900 year leasehold lease is from 1861 so presume it was build around then.

  4. Paul

    is putting up photos of empty houses a good idea? what if someone breaks into a supposedly empty house based on a post, but someone is actually living there?

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