Staying In Tomorrow?

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Pru Leith

On The Ray D’Arcy Show

Via RTE:

Business woman and cancer survivor Majella O’Donnell and rugby analyst Brent Pope will join Ray this week to discuss mental health and talk about their experiences.

…Food writer and broadcaster Pru Leith from Great British Bake Off will be in studio to chat to Ray about filling Mary Berry’s shoes…

Some of RTÉ’s favourite weather presenters Joanna Donnelly, Gerry Murphy and Michelle Dillon will be in studio to chat to Ray about our obsession with the weather…

Stevie the Robot, which was created by a team working out of Trinity College, is a robot designed to assist the elderly and those disabled. Stevie is the first of its kind to be built in Ireland and… Ray will have the first live TV interview with Stevie in studio.

*removes batteries from remote*

The Ray D’Arcy Show on at 10.10pm on RTÉ One.

Pic: Channel 4

8 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

  1. digs

    BS should just get on to the boys and girls in RTE’s press office and tell them that nobody except RTE likes Ray Darcy. My wart is more interesting than he…

  2. Rainy Day

    The robot segment is straight out of Alan Partridge ……. this is so bad that it is nearly a parody of itself at this stage.

    1. postmanpat

      Have you seen the weather watch program with Kathryn Thomas? Its like Top Gear but with….. clouds? Audience standing around her while she discusses rain and stuff with literal nobodies? You couldn’t make it up. (pay your tv license so they can make more shows like it) Seriously though . listen up kids! if your renting please don’t pay the tv licence and install a door camera or just don’t answer the door if your not expecting anyone .they cant get you if you don’t answer and if your renting its pretty hard to chase you up.

  3. postmanpat

    Dear god! I saw that twitchy Stevie the Robot talking to that tool Dara O’Briain on some station the other day. The robot looks more disabled that the people its meant to help. Paulie’s robot from Rocky 4 looked more useful. I don’t think hospice workers have anything to worry about.


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