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  1. Shayna

    Snow Joke! – at first I thought it was a headline about Ant, or Dec. It appears, however, that @ 25th December, it may, or may not snow.

    1. Cian

      An weather forecast for more than 5 days out is, well, unreliable.
      A “forecast” for 35 days away is just a wild guess.

      * testing the edit button

    1. Twunt

      His excuse is that is was all part of his public persona, like some kinda method actor that went too far. I guess Harvey Weinstein just got into the role of sex pest producer to get material for movies.

      Their victims just didn’t see the bigger picture.

  2. Brother Barnabas

    Of all the things I thought about Aled Jones when I first saw the flying snowman thing, ‘that lad will grow up to be a sex pest’ wasn’t one of them.

    1. Shayna

      Not that I’m defending Aled, but to be fair, it was a text message or, several, it wasn’t intimated that he acted. Also, I do so love, “The Snowman” – he ultimately melts, sorry kids who haven’t seen it.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        For the record, I have never sent anyone a picture of my wibbly-whoo-whoo-wonder. I’m beginning to think I’m the only one who hasn’t.

          1. Shayna

            I couldn’t imagine Aled’s wibbly anything. I’m going all Carrie, in Sex In The City – “That night I got to thinking as I gaze outta my rent-controlled apartment in Manhatten, what the beejeesus is up with people?”

  3. Charger Salmons

    Too late for the Monday papers but prospective Jamaica coalition falls apart in Germany.
    Big implications for Ireland – Merkel weakened and now the Granny Grabber even more dominant in Europe and he’s mad keen on boring stuff like unified corporate tax rates.
    Fresh elections on the horizon in Germany and Far Right on the march.
    In other news – Al has shot his bolt.

      1. Ban the Poo. Ooh-er!

        Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean on the cover of a magazine
        They had style they had grace …
        Rita Hayworth gave good face

        I wonder does Al Porter give good face or is it all one way with him?

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          billy corkhill, vince hilaire
          freddie flintstone, fred astaire
          desmond tutu, steve and claire
          hello, hello, hello, hello…

          1. Ban the Poo. Ooh-er!

            Noel Coward was a charmer.
            As a writer he was brahma.
            Velvet jackets and pyjamas,
            “The Gay Divorcee” and other dramas

          2. Ban the Poo. Ooh-er!

            How about?

            She looks like Yves Marie Saint in “On the Waterfront”
            She reads Simone de Beauvoir in her American circumstance
            And her heart, her heart is like crazy paving, upside down and back to front
            She says “Ooh it’s so hard to love when love is your great disappointment!”

          3. Bertie Blenkinsop

            Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson,
            Courtney Love, and Marilyn Manson,
            You’re all fakes,
            Run to your mansions,
            Come around,
            We’ll kick your ass in….

      2. martco

        ah a great song Bertie, nice one


        Whatever happened to
        All of the heroes?
        All the Shakespearoes?
        They watched their Rome burn

    1. Nigel

      I’ve seen sharp criticism of Dunham from the left for years and naked ugly misogyny directed at her from the right. Sorry I know that complicates your predigested narrative but whatever.

        1. Nigel

          Well, no. For you, it wouldn’t. Naked ugly misogyny is so normal from the right it’s just accepted? Set Lena Dunham and whatever she’s done now – what has she done? – against darlings of the right like Donald Trump and Roy Moore, and how they’re treated, and you quickly see who the true regressives are

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Insinuate much pet?

            And it’s not a comparison game of sexual predators on the left or right, ewwwwww Nigel, stop that.

            It’s the exposure of self proclaimed virtue of the left to not be …misogynist, racist, etc.
            The Deplorables Nigel, all that bull poop thrown out by the left as if they were righteous and it turns out there are as many scum among them as any other group, imagine that, something which everyone who wasn’t deluded with the war mongering Hillary knew.

            So basically, I’ll simplify it for you, it’s fun to watch the facade of the lefts self proclaimed purity over the right crumble. That’s all.

          2. Nigel

            Your obsession with both-sideism is so narrow and parochial and short-sighted it’s painful. I don’t know what Lena Dunham actually did that you’re referring to, but I’ll bet it’s nowhere near as bad as someone with known proclivities for young girls still in with a chance for a senate seat and a man with multiple charges of sexual harassment being elected president. This is purely ‘the mote in the left’s eye is as bad as the beam in the right’s’ stuff. This is what happens when the right is so incredibly unbelievably awful that you have to crow loudly and hysterically about relatively minor figures and their failings on the left as if there’s an equivalence.

          3. Rob_G

            @ Clampers –

            I wish you would stop dropping non-sequitors from the American culture wars into the Broadsheet comments; no-one else in Ireland could give a poo about what Lena Dunham has to say about anything.

          4. Nigel

            You’re not laughing at a muppet, you’re trying to make bad behaviour exposed by a minor celebrity – who was not universally admired as you dishonestly state – on the left equivalent to bad behaviour – in major political figures with real power – celebrated and even rewarded on the right. Dunham is a bit of a muppet. By comparison, Trump is a major statesman with global reach, and Moore has been a powerful figure in his state for years.

          5. Nigel

            LW – I suppose, but honestly, the most notable thing about Lena Dunham is how much the right seems to hate her – the torrents of abuse that’s directed at anything to do with her is staggering.

          6. LW

            Absolutely, a hate figure. Also widely criticized by people across the spectrum on numerous occasions, as you say.
            You’re pissing in the wind trying to reason with him though. Complete lack of self awareness: now condemning Dunham due to a tweet by her co-worker, back when it was male politicians getting accused of stuff on Twitter he was all about due process, not believing whispering campaigns. The ‘comparison game’ is the only game he plays

          7. Rob_G

            @ Clampers –

            That’s specious reasoning; leftists like the work of Lena Dunham, who has now (apparently) been shown to be racist or something. So now, everything else that ‘leftists’ also like is now bad as well, or something(?)

            D minus, must do better.

          8. Clampers Outside!

            Specious? pffft! I’m laughing at a major hypocrite in Dunham. A big ticket Hillary promoter. It’s that simple, just one more crack in the facade of the purity that the left believed in when they rallied behind Hillary.
            Nigel sees it as an attack of some sort and compares it to some repulsive republican. A bit like, saying this guy is worse, as if to excuse the other…. Nigel made that comparison. Not I. Nigel.
            He’s deflecting. Simples.

          9. LW

            Not like Nigel at all, just you trying to muddy the waters with your usual whataboutery. So, slightly ironic that you’d get on your high horse when you think someone else is doing it.

          10. LW

            Hoist by your own petard here Clampers. The link I’ve posted had you shoe horning a story about a woman grooming a kid into a thread about Ciara Kelly offering support to victims of a male broadcaster. You should get “but but but women do stuff too” tattooed on your forehead. But by all means, carry on accusing others of what you do yourself. Your hypocrisy does undermine your rants about the corrupted purity of your dreaded left though

          11. Nigel

            There is no facade of purity. That’s an invention. Pointing out how awful Trump was and is didn’t make the people doing the pointing pure, it’s just that the act of pointing it out aggravated you and people like you for some reason, perhaps because you prefer to ignore that sort of thing on the right? I dunno. People on the left have been pointing out Dunham’s flaws for a while now. People on the right have been subjecting her to misogynistic abuse. Your ‘crack in the facade of purity’ narrative is a fiction devised to justify ignoring these two facts. Justifying blowing whatever it is Denham’s done (still haven’t actually said what she’s done, by the way) out of all proportion through association with Clinton suggests you’re still fighting the US election of one year ago. Your guy won. Get over it.

          12. why?

            LW didn’t your Mom never teach you to have respect for, and to love and cherish those special ones who just are differently abled?

          13. Nigel

            It’s a good thing you’re here to defend him from bullying by mocking him as mentally disabled, scumbag.

          14. why?

            Oh – so sorry. I didn’t realize you wanted to bash him ALL day. You saw him first did you?

            Note I didnt call him “disabled” that’s your term. He’s differently abled as he literally can’t see the world the way you do and you are absolutely right to come in here every single day and tell him exactly how wrong he is, goodness me only for you, he’d be totally lost.

          15. why?

            Got any more to teach us Nigel? We have so much to learn and you have clearly so much to give. I feel we’re only scratching the surface. Please let Nigel have his own advice column here broadsheet

  4. Dan

    Hilarious. Lena Dunham defends her friend accused of a crime (accused without any evidence) and she is vilified. She helped create this toxic atmosphere, so I guess she is reaping what she sowed.

    1. Nigel

      Men getting away with harassment, sexual assault and rape for years and years created this toxic environment where taking women’s accusations seriously is now controversial and radical.

        1. Nigel

          The odd prosecution would be nice, yes, though I hope they don’t take this curious attitude that a woman’s testimony doesn’t count as evidence since that sort of helped caused this problem in the first place.

        1. LW

          We do! Focus on the positive. A vocal buffoon can give the impression that he’s a crowd, sometimes it’s just one person shouting gibberish

        2. Shayna

          You’ve got a loving friend in LW, Sheikh, they’ll apparently look after you in what Clampers Outside describes is a ‘safe place’. Any problems, you know how to contact me.

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