30 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

    1. martco

      ah t’would be just a question of how far inside the papers it would get buried anyways…somewhere near the farming supplement would be my guess

      and even so she’d have to be caught on live tv boiling childer in oil and then rendering them down into little pearls around her neck before anything if consequence would happen

    2. LW

      What I can’t understand is this: surely the fact they changed tack on production of the recording of the meeting demonstrates their dishonesty beyond question? It’s a pity he didn’t let them proceed with their version, and then produce the recording. But fair play to him for having the foresight to record it!

  1. Charger Salmons

    Interesting letter from Alan Shatter in the Irish Times.
    Questions whether it is really logical of Varadkar to demand the UK spell out its intentions on the border issue without knowing what sort of trade deal the EU/UK will come up with.
    Unfortunately Varadkar has made himself some powerful enemies in the UK establishment with his Barnier-planned grandstanding last week – a schoolboy error that Bertie and Kenny would have been too experienced in foreign affairs to make.
    And the failed EBA bid shows just how little clout Ireland has in Europe.
    Look-at-me Leo really is a Brexit buffoon.

    1. LW

      They lost the EBA to France on a coin toss. Doubt anyone was labouring under the impression that Ireland has more ‘clout’ than France in Europe. Or drawing lots.

      1. bisted

        …coin toss eh…nothing to do with sending the EBA to the epicentre of economic collapse in Europe caused by banking regulation failure…nothing to do with the local bailed-out banks being exposed daily of being embroiled in scandal after scandal and learning nothing from the greedy practices that led to that banking collapse…

    2. Nigel

      That might make sense if the UK Brexit effort wasn’t such colossal joke and the Brexiteers lashing out wildly and blaming everyone for it but themselves.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Spoken like a true Irishman whose idea of negotiation is to ask Angela Merkel exactly how high she would like him to jump.
        Negotiations are going just fine – the UK will up its offer to 40billion quid on condition of beneficial trade talks which will get the go-ahead in December.
        That’s back of the sofa change to a country like the UK and is around what their contributions to the EU would have been anyway.
        The Government and Opposition combined in Parliament last night to heavily defeat a rebel Labour amendment to the Brexit bill which would have kept the UK in the Customs Union.
        Meanwhile,Ireland can’t pick up so much as a crumb from the division of the spoils as EU agencies are re-distributed.
        And this is on the back of the massive embarrassment of the failed rugby World Cup bid when the Celtic neighbours shafted poor oul Paddy.
        For once Fintan O’Toole is right when he writes in today’s Irish Times that Ireland is nobody’s darling any more and here was Little Leo thinking he was being all grown-up on the international stage last week showing off his socks.
        Wahaay !

        1. Nigel

          If only you were as good at Brexiting as you are at empty boasting, xenophobic sneering and paedophile-apologism: you’d be hurtling towards the cliff at a slightly slower rate.

          1. Killian G


            What we have just witnessed is Nigel connecting with a firm left and leaving Charger on the canvas, oblivious to all.

            Smelling salts, nurse, please!

          2. Killian G

            Can someone please check on Charger?

            Wouldn’t want to find out later he’s choked on his own tongue or anything nasty like that.

            Charger??? Hello??? Are you still with us? How many fingers am I holding up?

          3. Killian G

            “Nigel – what a wonderfully Faragey sort of name,” he said groggily and in a desperate attempt to appear in control of his faculties.

          4. Killian G

            Ah, the little Englishman’s favourite pastime… lager guzzling at midday! It’ll affect the speech alright.

  2. Birdie

    Jana Novotna gone too soon… Thank you so much for your wonderful tennis, I’ve so many fond memories watching you play. You were so real with your efforts and emotions.

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