Derelict For A Decade


Dublin Road, Swords, County Dublin

Don Reilly writes:

Two-storey detached house and two bungalows with large back gardens on the Dublin Road, Swords, Co. Dublin.

Empty for over 10 years. Owned by the nearby Pavilions Shopping Centre A disgrace.

Empty gaffs to marked ‘Empty Gaffs’

23 thoughts on “Derelict For A Decade

    1. Ban the Poo. Ooh-er!




      Got it now Weldoninhio?

    2. Killian G

      This is a two-storey [not the one directly in the picture – rather the one next to it, sort of out of shot] detached house and two bungalows [they’re the ones in the centre of the shot] with large back gardens on the Dublin Road, Swords, Co. Dublin. It seems they have been empty [nobody living in them, despite them being houses in accordance with all accepted definitions] for more than 10 years [that’s like a decade, man]. The owner is a shopping centre called Pavilions Shopping Centre. This was spotted by Don Reilly, who describes it has a “disgrace”. Don’s point is that, in the midst of a chronic housing crisis, it’s wrong [rather: ” a disgrace”] for these houses to be sitting empty and unused.

      I’m here until around 1,30pm if you have any questions.

      1. Ban the Poo. Ooh-er!

        No offence Killian but I felt that in your review you did not properly account for how truly disgraceful it is.

      2. Weldoninhio

        I understand that they are houses, and that the Pavilions owns them, but what is Don Reillys point? The Pavilions is a shopping centre last I looked. Its not a rental company. If the houses were knocked and they were just 2 empty fields would Don Reilly be up in arms also?? Seems pointless.

    3. mildred st. meadowlark

      As far as I know, when the pavilions was being built, they bought up great swathes of land – houses, fields etc. – in order to satisfy planning issues and in case of expansion.

      Of course, I heard this second hand from a swords local. So it could be a load of poo and I’m feeding you a pack of lies.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        By the way, right this very moment, Bertie is looking at the girl in the cats post, admiring her hair.

  1. Not feeling so Nice Anne

    What is the actual point of these pieces? Hey squatters go HERE. Hey druggies, somewhere to shoot up. Hey ravers, somewhere to have a party. What are you hoping to accomplish?

      1. Not feeling so Nice Anne

        Tsk….. the ravers are looking for the place to have the parties. Nice to know you are reading with due care and attention in your rush to be offended.

    1. Andy

      Owned by the same guys who own the “industrial” site next door. They wanted to build two rows of fancy houses in there back in 2005 (with elevators in them). 19 houses in total.

      The council refused (tons of local complaints even though it wouldn’t really impact on most of them as the houses behind have huge gardens). Mt Merrion is notorious for objections. tons of busy bodies. An area of mediocre looking bungalows and semi-d’s with big back gardens.

      Additionally, apparently, having all cars parked under ground means that residents might access their homes through the basement. This would mean they wouldn’t meet with neighbors and interact and create a community – because apparently parking in your driveway would ensure this……… Seriously, just think about that for an excuse. The LA refusing permission because they don’t think a load of rich people would mix in a small development cause they might use the basement to access their house. Even I’m shocked by what a rubbish excuse that is.

      Planning reference is D08A/0324

    1. don reilly

      @ The Bottler. Rambo used to live around the corner in “Briargate” on the Malahide Road.
      Empty space now.

  2. Don Reilly

    Investigated further.
    Got the following from Fingal County Council:

    “The site area of the three houses forms part of a larger site area which was the subject of a permission under F08A/1057 for an extension to the Pavilions Shopping centre.
    This is the area location of a proposed new Swords Main Street / Dublin Road western entrance to the Shopping Centre complex and provides also for the construction of 189 Apartments.
    FCC has granted an extension of duration of that permission (F08A/1057/E1) up to 19-Aug-2021.
    The new owners of the Pavillions have some 3 years and 9 months to implement the development in full.”

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