Last night.

Kildare Street, Dublin 2

More images from last night’s ‘Stop Killing Cyclists’ event organised by the Dublin Cycle Campaign to highlight the dangers facing cyclists on Dublin roads including, above, Carol Farrelly and Gerry Jackson from Giant Dublin.


Last night: Like Toy Soldiers



Senator David Norris greets Raven at last night’s demonstration.


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    1. Cian

      Um. He is retired. He doesn’t get a salary from TCD. He does, however, get a pension – like lots of people that haven’t worked there in decades.

      He worked there for 26 years from 1968 to 1994; then went on long-term disability (for 14 years) until his retirement in 2009..

      1. Warden of the Snort

        wtf is his ‘disability’?

        In that time he was working in public office, mouthing off about this and that etc.

        What a parasite, worse than any homeless blind lady
        (looking for a penthouse apartment on the ground floor and 24 hour kennel service)

        1. Killian G

          “penthouse apartment on the ground floor”


          (A penthouse apartment or a penthouse is an apartment on the highest floor of an apartment building or a hotel. Penthouses are typically differentiated from other apartments by luxury features. The term penthouse originally referred to, and sometimes still does refer to, a separate smaller “house” that was constructed on the roof of an apartment building.)

          Ya big silly

      2. Killian G

        That’s precisely the issue many people have with David Norris. He was on disability leave with full pay for 16 years (not 14) from TCD, while he was working as a Senator… eh, not well enough to lecture in a university but well enough to do a side gig lecturing in the senate? And when the time came when he could qualified for a pension, he grabbed that with two grubby little hands – and was surprise-surprise well enough to run a presidential campaign – and presumably reckoned he was well enough to serve 7 years as a president.

        1. Cian

          From the 5 minutes of research I did, it seems that he personally took out income protection while working in TCD (and also as a Senator for the last few years). So he was protecting his double-job income.
          When he became unwell in 1994 he had to drop one job, and used his income protection insurance to cover the other. For the remaining 14 years TCD weren’t paying him – although he was still registered as an employee.
          When he had completed his 40 years in TCD he officially retired. (I’ve no idea if TCD pay him 26 or 40 years worth of pension).

          Again, this was from 5 minutes on google, so I’m open to correction on any of these.

    2. Gay Tea Shop

      His reported comments on pedalophilia in Ancient Greece are not that controversial, in fairness.

  1. Hansel

    It’s up to every cyclist/pedestrian/wall/animal to get out of my way, because road tax.
    I sometimes see people on bikes who are badly lit, not wearing yellow and not wearing a helmet. They’re all at fault when I hit them. All of the cyclists killed this year have one thing in common: they weren’t driving a car. Something about Nazis. Something about lycra.

    End of discussion.

      1. Hansel

        Sorry Boq, I missed “breakin de lights!” but tbf I did mention nazis (“over aggression”).

        With regards speeding…that’s a first for me I’m afraid – I normally only hear about cyclists not going fast enough, rather than speeding!

    1. Stephen F

      No such thing as ‘road tax’, perhaps you mean ‘motor tax’, and if you do, why would it be discussed, there are no motors on those bikes.

      1. RiderOnTheStorm

        The purpose of said tax, according to, is: if you want to drive your vehicle in a public place and …the revenue from this tax is used to maintain and upgrade the road network in Ireland.

        We’re on the one road sharing the one load
        we’re on the road to God knows where
        We’re on the one road
        Maybe the wrong road
        But we’re together now who cares
        North Men, South Men comrades all
        Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Donegal
        We’re on the one road singin along

        1. Nigel

          Yeah, the wear and tear of bicycles on roads is as horrific as that of cars and lorries and the costs of building and maintaining eight-lane motorways and cycle paths or even greenways across country are pretty much the same and the costs of health effects of emissions from cars and emissions from bicycles are about equal.

        2. manolo

          If you agree that the fumes you produce go straight into your metal cage, I’ll pay your motor tax for you.

        3. edalicious

          Motor tax doesn’t come anywhere close to paying for the roads. The vast majority of the cost comes out of general taxation. Even the idea that specific taxes go towards specific things is fairly naive, apart from a few unique cases. That’s like a kid who, when he opens his first bank account, expects there to be a personal little safe for him that his communion money goes into.

    2. Matt

      Pedestrians don’t pay motor tax but they get to walk on the road whenever they like! Free benches! They never even look at the lights! Jeremy Clarkson was right all along. Jaywalking, sure they’re criminals so they are sure. They get their own feckin’ bridges and all. You’d never catch me being a pedestrian! Something something George Hook! If it were up to me we’d all drive cars and flood them when the ice caps melt and we’d be happy.

      1. Nigel

        Whenever I’m walking on a public footpath I’m always terrified a pedestrian is going to just come along and crash into me.

        1. ZeligIsJaded

          Some form of testing wouldn’t go amiss.

          Its not fair that drivers have to be tested, but people can just up and walk wherever they want, without so much as a license plate on their arse!

          1. Nigel

            I see people out on only provisional walking licenses, unaccompanied by fully licensed walkers, all the bloody time.

  2. Gay Tea Shop

    Light up, wear helmets, paint yourself fluorescent yellow. Why? This argument is like blaming victims of mass shootings for not going out with body armour on – just in case.


    You should be allowed and able to cycle at night in the nude if you want. Make the cycling infrastructure safe. I’d pay for that.

    1. rotide

      It’s nice to see you doing your best to redress the idiocy balance in this thread.

      As stupid as the anti cycling moans are above, they are like greek philosophers musings compared to this

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