We Are 900,000

A campaigning start-up for the one in five who will spend this evening in a Crying Chair or on a sofa watching BBC 2’s Rick Stein’s Road To Mexico with the ‘old dears’.

Mark Dempsey writes:

We are a group of Designers, Writers and Activists that live and rent in Dublin City. We have witnessed first hand the broad spectrum impact rising rents are having on people’s daily lives.

Whether that is the stress and strain of finding affordable accommodation within your budget or worried about the impact of rising rents on a fixed income, the worry of falling into homelessness or experiencing a job loss due an inability to find suitable affordable accommodation.

Weare900000.ie is a non-profit startup with the aim creating a grassroots movement of people in rental accommodation in the Republic Ireland that will work toward effecting positive change in government policy to create a fair, sustainable and affordable rental market over the longer term.

There is roughly 900,000 people in rental accommodation in the Republic of Ireland with roughly 500,000 people in their 20s and 30s living with their parents. There is no single direct representative group engaging these constituencies into positive action to have their long term rental and housing needs met.

The goal of this project is to digitally engage these constituencies and consolidate them around rental policy to reach a critical mass of people that will facilitate us engaging with government as a group to have asymmetric government policy put to an end.

We need a rental market that offers security of tenure and sustainable affordable rents, if we are to have a fully functioning society and economy over the longer term.

As such, we have a newly launched sign up website )al lonk below) that is in stage 1of a 3 stage process which will be developed into an information and digital platform for people who rent or intend to rent in this country.

You’re on notice, landlords.

*double locks door*



20 thoughts on “We Are Legion

  1. Cian

    Best of luck with this – if we get a sizable number of the 900,000 renters (+ 500,000 with parents) to engage with and to act in unison dealing with the government – come the next election there will be a huge chance at convincing the TDs to make appropriate changes!

  2. Warden of the Snort

    Digitally engage eh?oh how I lolled at this

    Get off yerplump bottoms you pack of clowns and get people out marching in the streets and lobbying TDs in their constituency offices and ON THEIR DOORSTEPS

    Take a leaf out of the water guys book and be prepared to act nasty and in numbers
    That’s the only way you will get any change

    1. Burnt Cheese

      Wait what? You mean my instagram picture of me standing outside my rented gaff wont make a difference?

      *goes back to taking instagram pictures of my food*

  3. realPolithicks

    “Get off yer plump bottoms you pack of clowns and get people out marching in the streets and lobbying TDs in their constituency offices and ON THEIR DOORSTEPS”

    What are you doing to help bring about the necessary changes in policy?

  4. Eoin

    Nice, slick website. I’ve joined up. We can start by abolishing NAMA, stop using tax revenue to prop up property prices, let properties find fair market value once this current bubble inflates another 40% and then pops.

  5. Milton Friedman

    Your on notice Landlords?

    Landlords as per CSO data are leaving the market….. a lot of hassle for many for little gain.

    1. Andrew

      Aww the poor landlords. Property sales to BTL investors suggest there are plenty willing to get in to that market. Despite the whinging from a vocal few on social media.
      Those leaving the market are the ones coming our of negative equity after getting in to landlording during the bubble.

  6. kellma

    Renting is a great option. It just doesn’t work properly in this country. The system is very, very dysfunctional.

  7. Stephen

    I think this is a good strategy, when they gather the digital audience they can plan a large march, i support this 100% (despite being a property owner) i’m really pissed off with the state of the property market, homeless crisis, REITS having charity status, NAMA, bankers ripping off customers without accountability, extremely high rents, corporations paying under the 12.5% tax and the diminishing quality of life in society while wealth continues to shift away from the average person. 900000 make some f’in noise!

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