Implausible Deniability


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SF tables no confidence motion in Fitzgerald (RTÉ)

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34 thoughts on “Implausible Deniability

  1. Glass Eyed Willy

    The facts are the last thing that actually matter now. The sheer contempt for the general public with the way this has been bungled is hilarious if it wasn’t so bloody serious. We’ll never see another whistle blower again. Screw all and sundry is the message loud and clear. You’ll be much better off for it.

    1. Topsy

      It’s not bungling, it’s simply deceitful and dishonest at the highest level of public administration. it’s in effect fraudulent presentation & possibly a criminal act.

          1. Kolyn Phlabyn

            it’s relevant alright i think because it exposes them as venal, corrupt and immoral. and it explains why so much in our country is dysfunctional when this is the caliber of executive we rely on to govern

        1. Clampers Outside!

          LOL !

          Just Mary Lou and Pearse who denied knowledge of kangaroo courts and the release of sex offenders into the republic… sex offenders that re-offended. Mary Lou even made a sheepish apology.
          Too late, no respect for the orange one, nor Pearse after that.

          Bishops did the same… would ya let them off? Doubt it. So why let off these pups in Sinn Fein who shifted sex offenders including paedos around the island and denied it when caught?

          …Nah, not for me.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        It’s not a deflection, I’m not defending anyone just pointing out that someone with no integrity is not in a position to scold someone about theirs much. It’s laughable.

        Can I not laugh at the hypocrite without some Yep suggesting I’m making a deflection…. stop will ya :)

        Wreckin’ me buzz boss :)

        1. Fergus the magic postman

          so, should we wait in the hope that somebody else raises the same points before addressing them?x

  2. Alan

    The “elite” classes never get held to account. They get to resign from public life. Why do we stand for this? Hardly any of the culprits of the banking crisis got sent to jail. No one will really be held to account for this either. These people are untouchable in our republic.

    Imagine if there were real fines and jail terms that could be imposed. Serious fines that are defined by not an amount but a percentage of your wealth and also real jail time and not suspended sentences. Imagine if these were actually then enforced. Wonder then what would the likelihood of people acting irresponsibly. Would they then risk it? At the moment there is no fear for these people as they are above the law and feel untouchable.

  3. Joe Small

    I assume leaving out the email is only a criminal offence if done deliberately. I’m inclined to assume these things are due more to incompetence than to a giant conspiracy. That won’t please the tin foil hat brigade though.

    1. Andrew

      Well Joe, I think it IS done deliberately, although mostly just to conceal incompetence, or more a likely a failure just to make a decision and do the right thing.
      If she had any integrity, she’s resign. Idf she doesn’t then she should be sacked.
      When was the last time a minister was actually sacked?

  4. Catherine costelloe

    The justice system is grossly abusive to Lorraine and Maurice Mc Cabe., and Cuckoo Fitzgerald is abusing the people of Ireland with her ignorant defense of the indefensible.
    Her dept forced into including Tulsa into Charleston Tribunal because of Primetime. No immediate suspensions of Tulsa staff who falsely created a malicious file on Maurice. They belong behind bars, not before a Tribunal. The buck stops with you Ms Fitzgerald and get out forthwith.

    1. Twunt

      The real offences were committed by The Guards, Tusla and the dept Justice. Frances came along after the fact, but it looks like she tried to conceal when she found out

  5. Yoji

    It doesn’t matter what SF did and how hypocritical they are being. None of that changes the actual facts about McCabe and what was done but the guards and government. Diversion of the most obvious type.

  6. anne

    Ah she’s fupped.

    She knew of their attempts to undermine his credibility..of course she knew.

    Has any guard been disciplined for their blatant lies? What about the chief state solicitor penning a total fabrication? Sworn testimony of any guard means nothing with this..

    Have Superintendent Noel Cunningham & Sergeant Yvonne Martin been charged with making false statements?

    What about Chief Supt Colm Rooney who also made up an incident that didn’t occur with McCabe.

    It’s shocking that the minister for justice thinks she has no role to play in any of this smearing… the rot goes all the way to the top. What for? Because a decent man had the audacity to make some complaints about the mishandling of cases. That he had to record meetings with the liars says a lot.

    Where would we be now if he didn’t happen to record his interactions? The liars who make up notes about conversations that didnt occur would have been believed.

    The cluster fupp of the guards ineptitude is another thing. Liars and bad liars at that. They didn’t realise the DPP had informed Maurice McCabe about the dry humping charges being dropped but say he insisted on knowing the outcome..that he had a grudge about not knowing the DPP’s directions..when he already knew..

    Fupping pack of morons of the highest order.
    Stick to “have ya drink taken”, idiots.

  7. Junkface

    This just goes to prove that Irish Governments are in a constant state of crisis management. Its a laughable excuse for a country’s Government. It must be the culture here, because it happens far too much and far too consistently.

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