They’re going to scrutinise us.

And inevitably ‘squawk’ about us behind our back.

*begins jig*

Willem Marx?

12 thoughts on “Quick, Act Normal

  1. dav

    Before you watch ANY of these business programmes, please get on youtube and watch “The Day Today” business correspondent “Collaterlie Sisters” and admire how accurate their portrayal of such correspondents is.

  2. Tony

    Right, this Ahhland promo. Any ideas?

    Well their flag is green white and orange. Filter overlay every shot?

    Like it! Music?

    I wa thinking ‘diddly eye doo dum a doodle day’

    Drunk leprechauns with pigs under their arms? Lovely. Let’s go with that.

    1. Charger Salmons

      It’s not like the Irish wet their knickers at the thought of a Guinness photo op with every visiting dignitary and head of state.

      1. Tony

        You mean ‘we Ahrish’ you wretched little potato goblin!

        Loving the Lord Haw Haw posts Charger. Genuinely funny. Keep em coming!

        1. Charger Salmons

          Ah sure,’tis only a bit of fun.
          Some folk think prodding a self-satisfied Paddy with a stick is the work of the devil.
          Keep ’em peeled,Spudders.

          1. Nigel

            Are we denying the charge? Capable of shame after all. Don’t slip out of character after all this effort Lord Hee Haw. Or do. Who cares?

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