Florence And The Foreseen


Florence Road, Bray

Anony writes:

Palatial and empty gaff with shop on Florence Road, Bray [County Wicklow]. Derelict for yonks and literally around the corner from the four vacant houses on Eglinton Terraces you featured last week…


Empty gaffs to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Empty Gaffs



15 thoughts on “Florence And The Foreseen

  1. Helga.

    It’s normal in any capitalist society for owners to sit on property. It’s time we socialized all housing.

      1. Helga.

        The Constitution needs to be changed. People need housing. No one should own more than one house. End of.

      2. ahjayzis

        Yes. That’s why you can build a skyscraper on any patch of land you own and the state through it’s planning departments have no power to stop you.

        Nice fable, the constitution expressly caveats those rights with reference to the public good.


        “Article 43 acknowledges that these rights ought to be regulated by the principles of social justice. This means that the State may pass laws limiting your right to private property in the interests of the common good. If the state passes a law that restricts your property rights, it may be required to compensate you for this restriction.”

        1. wellness

          The defintion of what constitutes ” in the interests of the common good ” is rather restricted and should be qualified and a reference to natural rights as opposed to property rights would be preferable. A referendum on such amendments would be most likely passed. Helga suggested that everyone should only be allowed to own one house. Try selling that one to the public.

          1. ahjayzis

            I’m fine with people buying to let. In a housing shortage though, not so much. And in a market with bugger all protection for tenants, doubly so.

            We’d legislate to prevent food hoarding and price gouging if there was a crisis in food supply, we’re terrified to do anything when it’s a shortage of housing.

  2. Bort

    Not an empty house exactly but………does anyone know what the story is with the boarded up, now empty and roofless houses on Church Road in Killiney?
    Surely these are close to some of the priciest properties in Dublin, on huge plots too.


    A lad in work reckons some lad bought them all hoping to get planning permission to build a load of apartments, he never got permission so he’s letting the houses rot.

  3. Donal

    Site value tax, fixes all these problems, no longer lets people sit on a plot with no costs for years while debating whether or not to build something. It would incentivise owners to either build or sell, puts land back into productive use

    1. ahjayzis

      So much yessssssss.

      Also, implement the Kenny report, and ban all windfalls to property owners based on planning or zoning changes. Undeveloped land should be priced as undeveloped land.

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