Finally Getting Our ‘Sheet Together


As you may have noticed, Broadsheet (the site and the app) has, of late, been more responsive and less – how might one put it – hilariously fraught with technical glitches, clown-shoe edit buttons and malfunctioning comment queues.

For the last two weeks, our beloved old banger of a website was up on blocks most evenings as years of redundant code, outdated plugins and overloaded cache files were respectively tweaked, modernised and dumped into the ether.

The glorious outcome of that process we present to you now: a rorty new V12 twinturbo ‘Sheet – its sleek chassis underpinned by a powerful new SSD server capable of handling the cutest cat video, the most controversial ministerial email leak, recondite cartoon strip or lost Student Leap Card.

We’d like to thank IT wizard Stuart Barlow for his forbearance and skills. A special shout out also to Paul, who helped fix the app. In lieu of links, they’ve asked us to draw your attention (and your donations) to the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Thanks to all our readers and commenters for suggestions, feedback and patience.

20 thoughts on “Finally Getting Our ‘Sheet Together

  1. Nigel

    It’s really better in every way except for one teensy thing when I loaded the site it went on fire and the internet went on fire and my computer went on fire and my legs went on fire and the house went on fire. But the edit button works a treat.

        1. Steph Pinker

          Haha, never the twain shall meet, Brother – I’ll let you know if I do – in fact, I might even go on BSTV and talk about it, although, unless you’re a deep-sea pearl diver I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you; muff-diving on the other hand, is a whole new world…

        1. Steph Pinker

          I’m really out of touch with contemporary music, but that was enjoyable and relaxing – what are the JC3 references in the comments about?

          1. Nigel

            Was going to say no idea, but actually I think it was used in a trailer for a video game called Just Cause 3.

  2. Holden MaGroin

    I’m only noticing the 5 minute edit feature now. Get a load of you guys. Well done!

    I added this text using the edit feature. It works!

  3. Iwerzon

    My comments haven’t been appearing for weeks and I’m for some reason on the naughty step when they did appear.

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