Où Est William Ryan?


From top: Janet Cole; William/Will Ryan

Do you know a William Ryan from Dundalk?

Read on.

Janet Cole writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but I have a massive favor to ask.

My French phone has been stolen and I have no access to my contacts, I don’t care, I can get them all back except one very special person not on social media.

William/Will Ryan from Dundalk, I have to find him and let him know I am not blanking him. He has something special belonging to me right now, (possibly my heart) please help me find him.

PS I am not a stalker. He is very shy and will assume the worst and would never presume to hunt me down.


UPDATE: William/Will FOUND (see comments)!

105 thoughts on “Où Est William Ryan?

  1. Otis Blue

    When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          What a player he was, I remember my Da couldn’t understand why I, as a Liverpool fan, would go to see United to see Cantona but I just wanted to see him in his pomp.
          Kanchelkis was the same… if you liked football you couldn’t dislike them.

          1. Frilly Keane

            Oh yeah, Cantona
            He had is all
            Swagger Attitude Style
            And a player who couldn’t give a púc about himself

            I’ve a kinda nice Cantona story Bert
            If we ever have that pint
            Remind me to tell ya

            Oh yeah, Cantona

        1. Otis Blue

          As an aside, Emre Can speaking with a Dundalk accent would be really something.

          Still, good goal today.

  2. Janet, I ate my avatar

    Anyway all help welcome, obviously desperate to go to a BS post but can’t think of anything else except the Dundalk papers
    or flyers !
    These people off the grid
    And these fools who don’t back up contacts !

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Only joking, Janet. Hope it gets sorted. Have a feeling it will.

        (¡He’s way out of his league, by the way¡)

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      ah stop, blushes, yeah me out on a limb ! Not in you can’t win !
      would not be cool to send his pic without mine,
      Just have to find him again now !
      Hate him thinking I changed my mind :(

  3. Janet, I ate my avatar

    you guys ;) thank you , big bissous, wanna help me hand out flyers in Dundalk lol xoxoxoxo
    Hope BS has lots of readers there !

  4. Old Dublin Tales

    Best of luck, Janet! The way people often talk about Broadsheet commenters you would think we have two heads, nice to see a glamorous photo of one of us to disprove this!

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      Thank you, more complements tonight than in a month of Sundays, fuzzy warm feeling
      I will name our first 5 kids after yis if I find him !
      WHEN ! positive universe !

  5. Frilly Keane

    Ah Janet …
    Ya pudding ya

    Tweeting the link on now in a sec
    If I tink of ant’ting else I’ll email ok hon?

    C’mere he’s a bitta’ve catch Girl

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      I rang every land line yesterday, going to retry the ones that were not in again today :)
      He said his folks live around the corner from him.

  6. anne

    Hey Janet, are you on any kind of bill pay plan or rolling 30 day contract, with your mobile? The network should have a log of any numbers you’ve been texting/phoning.. call up their customer care number. I think even for pre-pay they have detailsof your log for 7 days.

    Also if you lose your phone you can keep the same number.. you just go into one of the stops of your provider & they’ll give you a new sim with your number… he’ll contact you at some stage surely if you have the same number.. if he has delivery notifications on for texts he’ll know you won’t have been receiving them.

    1. anne

      Just noticed you said a french phone..but the same should apply. Call up the provider..they’ll sort it for you, even if you can’t remember your own number…

    2. Janet, I ate my avatar

      The problem was it was the last month of my contract so not sure how helpful they will be,
      Also do you think that the calls in your Whatsapp log will be in their records ? Sorry I am not very technical. Its worth a try though, I can call tomorrow !

  7. Janet, I ate my avatar

    The problem was it was the last month of my contract so not sure how helpful they will be,
    Also do you think that the calls in your Whatsapp log will be in their records ? Sorry I am not very technical. Its worth a try though, I can call tomorrow !

    1. anne

      No I don’t think they’ll be able to see your whatsapp log..but if you texted him or made a call they’ll have that. It’s not a case of how helpful they’ll be..it’s your info, you’re entitled to it.

      I wouldn’t even get into Janet..just ask for a print out to be emailed to you of your last months calls-texts. Tell them you’re checking prices & considering signing up with them again if you want.

      Better than calling his folks really.. :-)

      1. anne

        If you install whatsappp on a new phone with the same number, you can reactivate the same account & all your whatsapp log will be available..

        I think you can install whatsapp on your desktop too..but I’d say it’ll send an activation code to your phone.. if you’ve to sort out a phone with the same number, that’s no good to you yet.

        By the way the EU came out with some directive to allow people to move across networks but keep the same number.. you should keep the same number, just get it on a new Sim & go pre-pay if it suits you better. The information is available without having to go phoning houses in Dundalk.. :)

  8. Janet, I ate my avatar

    Hi good idea Anne,
    Just a bit dubious about helpful they will be it was the last month of my contract, but I can try
    Can they see a whatsapp log too ? I am not very technical, I was doing all my calls etc on wifi to not go over contract.
    I’ll hit them up tomorrow anyway.
    Costumer service and can do is not really a French thing, but they are romantics at heart !
    On way to Dundalk now with some waned posters

    1. anne

      They have to give you your own information if you request it.. you just need a print out of your last month’s calls/texts..

      They won’t be able to see your whatsapp log, that’s just your data usage on your bill..

      as i said re-install whatsapp with the same number on a phone, & you should be able to see all previous messages, call logs etc.

      It shouldn’t be that difficult to get the same number on a new sim.. especially as u had a contract & the number was registered to u. you do not have to sign up for a new contract to keep that number.

      If the phone company won’t help you, you could fly a banner over dundalk. just kidding.. they have to help you, it’s your information…it’s irrelevant why you need your details & trying to appeal to anyone’s romantic nature.. keep it straight forward, request your last bill.

    2. Lush

      Hey Janet,
      Am also in France.
      Don’t think the contract ending will stop you getting call info. etc, although the French being the French, it may slow it down. And they don’t know you’re not going to take on another contract with them.
      Not sure about keeping the same number if you change provider, but get a pay as you go/mobicarte with your old provider if necessary, just to have access to your call history. I did this recently and have a 6€/month deal.
      Good luck.
      And lovely, if a bit strange, to see a respected BS regular ‘in the flesh ‘.
      He must be very special.

      1. anne

        I am sure about keeping the same number & moving to another provider. I’m an 087 with Eir… Eir used to be meteor and all their numbers originate with an 085. I was originally with Vodafone.. It’s the same across the EU.

        Ah fupp it i give it. This would be a lovely post if it was 1992..

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          I am listening Anne but you are used to dealing with efficiency not the hopelessness of French service in anything, I don’t want to wait the month it would take them to do anything for me , I would probably have to fly back and do it in person to get it done !
          Even for the change of address for a new sim will take bills in my name etc,
          Getting the same no here is the best bet you suggested, I didn’t know that was an option.
          I just want to find him before he is walking around upset, I know I would be if the shoe was on the other foot.

          1. anne

            I meant keeping the same number but on any french network.. I’m not sure if the number portability is across countries in the EU..I know you can keep your number on another network within an EU country..

            A bill with your name on it should be irrelevant on pre-pay. You should be able to arrange a new sim with that same number over the phone..the french aren’t total morons are they? :-) …or just go online and see if they have a lost phone section on their website to get the sim posted out to you.


            That’s the directiveon mobile number portability.. I’m actually off out to buy a new phone..I’ll ask about you getting your french number on an Irish network.

          2. anne

            It’s within network providers within each EU country that you can switch network providers, not across all EU countries Janet..

            I just got a new phone a while ago anyway, transferred all my data, apps, texts, contacts etc with the samsung smart switch app.. went onto WhatsApp, verified my number on the new phone, & the full log of conversations is there. The WhatsApp on the old phone now says, “couldn’t verify this phone. this is likely because you registered your phone number with WhatsApp on a different phone.”

            If it ever happens again, just get a sim with the same number you had & your new phone will have your whatsapp log.

            No contracts need to be renewed to keep your number either..u don’t even have to top up to use WhatsApp, just need Wi-Fi.

            You can put WhatsApp on your desktop too.

            Best of luck with the fella..

  9. Old Dublin Tales

    Janet, I was thinking about this overnight, and I think it should be possible to get the whats app details back if you get a new phone on your old French number.

    You could activate whatsapp on your new phone and then there is also a tool for deleted whatsapp messages you can use once it has been activated. The two links are below.



    1. Lush

      This is how it works.
      Hope springs eternal.
      Keep us posted.
      Living this vicariously with you.
      Sleepless in Seattle vibe….
      Too much rosé perhaps, but it’s Sunday and that means apéro.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      I am here now !
      I did a wanted poster and have plastered Dundalk with it. I also met a lovely lady who is going to do a radio announcement and another who put it on her Homeless in Dundalk FB page, I think we have found his sister ! Hope its her, just waiting for to react to tag !
      Fingers crossed
      All else fails I will renew contract and try to get them to post me a new sim !

      1. anne

        EU directive Janet..you can keep your number & go to another provider or go pre-pay..like top up by 20 squid. you do not have to renew the contract…am i pissin’ against the wind here or wha. read the comments woman.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          Hi, just on a wee lunch break so on line, dragged my laptop with me, thats great news Anne, first stop phone shop tomorrow. At the moment I am on my Dads ancient nokia;;;;;no Internet

  10. Go A Way

    Best thread ever on broadsheet
    Life- affirming well done everyone especially Anne and Lush with your great tips

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      Yes big big thank you, I am a technical moron for that stuff !
      plus got myself in a tizzy worried he was upset

  11. Charger Salmons

    I just wonder whether this lady has already bought the pan in which she’ll boil the bunny…. :-)

    1. Go A Way

      Speaking of over cooking Mrs May goose appears well and truly cooked today with the mass exodus of her social mobility team.

      1. Charger Salmons

        It’s a quango.
        No real power.
        And Milburn the former Labour minister who did the big flounce out today had already been told his job was being re-advertised and he’d have to re-apply like everyone else.
        And it came on the day the government announced an extra £300 million for youth mental health problems.
        It’ll be fish-wrap news by tomorrow.

        1. Go A Way

          Mrs May came to power with a promise to make social mobility a reality and it’s been an abject failure , just another bullpoo promise by pissant Tories “muddling along”

  12. Frilly Keane

    Ah now Janie
    I tink you’re being a bit mane with the info about this buck, you have an obligation to your Chat-Pit colleagues

    Firstly; is he an’ting to our John?
    Secondly; where is he on the Shurt index
    Thurdly; colour of the hair eyes, height etc
    Fourthly; accent – is he real ‘Dalk

  13. Janet, I ate my avatar

    Hi I found him ! and thats all you are getting out of me !
    Thanks everyone, he is very discreet so I will take it from here !

  14. Shayna

    I loved the whole, “Sleepless in Seattle” thing, as one of the commenters alluded. The Ryan guy looks a cross between Dolph Lundgren and Daniel Craig, not a bad mix – to be fair. Nice one Janet.

  15. Lilly

    Let us know if there’s a happy ending to this, Janet. It might inspire me to track down my own Will Ryan.

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        Wouldn’t it be gas if we were all drop dead gorgeous and we’d been wasting precious breeding time arguing with each other all along….

        1. Mrs Blenkinsop

          4 hail marys, 2 weeks of taking the bins out and 60 minutes of cunnilingus and you’re off the hook

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