The Saints Are Coming



Saints alive!

Sacreligious stocking fillers!!

Valerie Vette writes:

New Irish Icons is my satirical and affectionate take on creating new Irish icons for a rapidly changing country.

Meet St Panti of Capel Street, patron saint of LGBTQ, cabaret, publicans, big hair and human rights.

St Conor of Crumlin is patron saint of cage fighting, trash talk and tattoos (oh, and boxing).

We have St Bono of Ballymun, who is patron saint of rock, sunglasses and philanthropy.

Plus St Bosco of Montrose, the patron saint of magic doors, boys & girls everywhere and living in a box.

Great gifts for Kris Kindle or for the person who has everything! You can find them on mugs, tote bags and genuine seven-day burn sanctuary candles on the website [at link below].

Always love to hear suggestions and I’m also very happy to do custom orders, if you’d like to ‘saintify’ yourself or a friend for Christmas!

Thanks a million!

New Irish Icons

New Irish Icons (Facebook)

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked’Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’

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  1. Paul

    If you zoom in on his homespun clothing, you can just about make out the letters “F*CKETH YE OFF”.

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