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  1. The Vice Of Reason

    The Times (Ireland edition) seems to have been written late last Friday night.
    – And when I say ‘late’ I’m being generous.

    If The Examiner is now usurped, and it is, what hope do we have left?
    We haven’t got a newspaper with integrity anymore.


  2. The Vice Of Reason

    You don’t need Newspapers?*

    We may agree, but I think your conviction is too conformist.
    I could never agree with someone who loves everyone.
    I don’t agree with you.

    We need every version of the truth before we find the real truth.
    Your superiour attitude only exacerbates the divide.

      1. Killian G

        Indeedie it is.

        It’s almost as if Memes is back… oh, it couldn’t be, could it? Oh, it could, methinks. It’s actually darned bloody obvious. It’s his thing, pretending to have something to say.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    ‘Nothing agree until all is agreed on Brexit’
    ‘Statement of intent’
    ‘Not legally binding’
    The rug has yet again been pulled from under Varadkar and Coveney. Boys going out to do men’s jobs. Lightweights. Green.
    Sad to say it but I think Michéal Martin would be a far tougher negotiator. And that’s saying something.

    1. Taunton

      You could think that. Or maybe what kind of idiot tells the press that the agreement he just made isn’t binding. Especially since there are more rounds of talks ahead. He has told the EU you can’t believe anything I say.

      1. Brother Barnabas


        the talk across Europe now is of perfidious albion

        UK government has just turned the anti-Brit sentiment up several notches

        not a great move when you’re looking to negotiate a favourable deal. no scope now to appeal to goodwill or trust.

        difficulty for May is that she’s trying to balance the EU position against intra-party opposition

        this was a clumsy, ill-advised move (a bit like brexit itself)

        1. ReproBertie

          It’s clear that the British Taoiseach has no control over her ministers and Sasamach is a comedy that just keeps on giving.

          Britain is going to end up paying the EU a fortune to continue trading as if they were still in the EU but without any say over the regulations that their tabloids have lied about for years. How did these people ever get to run an empire?

        2. Listrade

          Don’t be too worried, spin is spin. Given the backlash that would have been fully expected, I think there would be allowances for UK to try and put their spin on it. I don’t think any real offence will be taken, it’s all part of the dance. Remember how the IRA never officially surrendered? You have to let them take something back to save face.

          Like most spin, this is technically right in that this isn’t a binding agreement. The final agreement will be the binding agreement as a registered treaty, so that old chestnut of “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” is right.

          However, given that the issue of trade deal will be intrinsically linked to this agreement, it’s unlikely that the UK would or could walk away from them.

  4. Charger Salmons

    European Commission says last week’s agreement between the Commission Task Force and the UK in the Brexit negotiations was not “formally speaking” legally binding, but was a “gentlemen’s agreement” which was “fully backed and endorsed by the UK government.”


    1. ReproBertie

      Selective quoting there from the Brexidiot-in-chief. The European Commission said the agreement was not “formally” legally binding as it only becomes so once Withdrawal Agreement is done and it would be regarded as extreme bad faith if the UK reneged on it.

      Besides, the ever trustworthy Runaí Sasamach, David Davis has changed his mind and now says the border assurance is legally enforceable.

      Heh, heh, heh indeed.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Davis was right.It was just a statement of intent in order to move on to Phase 2.
        UK’s position hasn’t moved since a month ago.No hard border and in the event of no trade deal then a border policed using technology and commercial licences.
        Blighty hasn’t budged an inch since it said no hard border and it will be leaving SM and CU including with NI.
        Ever get the feeling you’ve been had,Spuds ?

        1. Nigel

          Yes that’s what they’ve told the football hooligan component of Brexit supporters to get them to go along. It’s working!

        2. ReproBertie

          So he was right then but he’s corrected himself to be wrong?

          Whether that’s the actual case or just an example of your confusion about it, it pretty much sums up the entire Sasamach process and demonstrates nicely the idiocy of politicians on all sides rushing to a microphone at every available opportunity.

  5. Charger Salmons

    It’s really very simple.
    Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.
    The agreement, struck in order to move on to talk trade, won’t be an actual agreement at all unless there’s a full agreement down the line – and that full agreement could supercede it in part or entirely.
    I suspect this only dawned on that chump Varadkar over the weekend.

    1. Nigel

      You sound like a wide-eyed naif utterly thrilled to discover something so completely obvious other people don’t even bother to comment on it so you assume you are literally the only person to know it. Milk doesn’t come from supermarkets it comes from cows but it’s only just dawned on Varadker!

        1. Brother Barnabas

          Typos thrill Charger; he thinks it gives him a clever out from having to engage with the point.

          What’s that song… goes something like, “if only you could see yourself as all the world sees you”?

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Ah ha. And weren’t you berating me yesterday for my typing. You must think you’re having a clever out from having to engage with the point. Aren’t you some clever dude? I’m really thankful that I have came across such a notary. Please endow me with more of your musings.

    2. ReproBertie

      Tomayto Tomahto.
      The negotiations are on going so the agreement won’t be implemented until everything is agreed but there has been an agreement on no hard border between the EU and Northern Ireland either way. That’s what the British Taoiseach committed to and that’s what the Runaí Sasamach clarified was legally binding in statements today.

      1. Charger Salmons

        That’s what the British Prime Minister has agreed to since the EU referendum.
        Not even how the British proposed to implement a soft border in the event of no trade deal with the EU.
        Remember that ? – it’s what little Leo was making all the fuss about until Arlene confused him with a bit of fancy footwork.
        Micháel Martin and Arlene Foster both made him look a fool within a week.
        And the Spuds gave him a rise in the opinion poll because of it.
        Marvellous stuff altogether.

        1. ReproBertie

          You could give an Runaí Sasamach lessons in spin. One minute it’s “ha ha, we stuck it to the [racist slur] and tricked them into thinking there’ll be a soft border” and then when the soft border being legally enforceable is pointed out to you it’s “ha ha, that’s what we were going to do all along and as a bonus we’ve made the [racist slur] look stupid by making them think they won something”.

          Well done on “taking back control” by having the British Taoiseach sign up to a deal which is under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Justice of the European Union. Well done on “taking back control” by signing up to a deal that means you have to meet all EU standards but no longer have any say in what those standards are. Well done on “taking back control” by allowing the EU to dictate the status of the EU/UK border. With all this winning you Brexidiots are clearly far too wily for those EU dunces. You’re not dancing to their tune, their playing just happens to suit your dance.

          1. Warden of the Snort

            they’re just morons but to be honest you’d be a bigger clown in my opinion for taking the bait so avidly.

            in a few months Corbyn will be in and Brexit will be quietly shelved

          2. Killian G

            I dont think it will happen quite that soon – more like a couple of years – and, sadly, i dont think it will be corbyn. But I agree with you on your main point – when brexit eventually goes through, it will be so watered down that it will be utterly meaningless. it will amount to little more than a perplexed what the fupp was all that about

    3. GiggidyGoo

      NAw. It didn’t just dawn on him. He knew it all along. But he needed to use the podium.
      Just had a listen to Newstalks reporter fellow in Clacton on Sea this afternoon. To say the ordinary British people know nothing about Brexit is an understatement. One interviewee said that she loved ireland even though she hasn’t been here. She loved the accent, but really loved Irish c&w singers, Daniel O’Donnell and… Nathan Carter (who I believe is from Liverpool. That’s your joe soap ordinary British angle.

  6. some old queen

    Have to hand it to Corbyn in HP today. He said there were conflicting statements coming out of… David Davis. A Clingfish man with a sense of humour. Who knew?

    God! Charger is actually rubbing off on me. I need to phone my therapist.

      1. some old queen

        Seriously, you clown(s), one or more, think snappy retorts equal intelligence. It doesn’t. It took twenty years to settle the mess in Ireland and you are kicking against the entire nation, North and South, when it objects to going back to the Future.

        Your headgames are boring, dull and lacking any semblance of originality.

        Stop trying to censor people because it won’t work.

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