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Joanna Brophy writes:

I’m just getting in touch on behalf of my mother AKA The Mustard Lady. Her handmade The Lodge Barna Mustards are an ideal stocking filler for foodies. She now makes eight unique mustards including some boozy versions featuring Buckie, Dingle Gin, Prosecco and Galway Hooker.

Her mustards are on sale in 24 locations in Galway, Kerry and Dublin.

This year she has also branched out into the exciting world of hampers and has put together a bargain €35 Made In Galway Hamper which includes: hand thrown pottery by Judy Greene Pottery; mustard by The Lodge Barna Mustards; ketchup by The Sauce Guy ; chutney by An Builín Blasta ; special blend tea and coffee and fruit cake or mince pies by McCambridges of Galway and 10% per cent discount off any Galway Food Tours for 2018!

The Hampers are on sale at Galway Christmas Market until December 22.

The Lodge Barna Mustards

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’. No fee.

7 thoughts on “For The Foodie

  1. Killian G

    this is actually an opportunity for me to make a positive contribution for once. I actually have tried these – the galway hooker one and another one that I cant remember. They are really delicious and so different to anything else out there. Would be a lovely gift for anyone who appreciates nice, well made food or someone living away or someone abroad who appreciates artisan food.

    1. Murtles

      I might smoke cannabis but at least I don’t smoke cannabis.
      Old Engine Oil Mustard….hmmm sounds deliciously interesting.

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