That’s Gotta Hurt


Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary

This morning.

Ryanair agrees to recognise pilot unions to avert strike (RTÉ)


27 thoughts on “That’s Gotta Hurt

  1. Marie Best

    Bring him to heal….. Heal what? HEAL is a verb. Perhaps she meant “brig him to heel”. If so, its nasty.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Maybe you should check your own spelling and grammar first before correcting others, sweets.

  2. snowey

    o leary is full of bluster – but he has brought more jobs , more money contributing more than Coppinger has ever.
    Also unlike many of his wealth , he declares all his income in ireland and doesn’t use cinderella rules or similar.

    he is ok in my book

    1. Killian G

      How is OLearys talk “bluster”? Bluster is boastful loud talk that has no effect. His talk has lots of effect. Like him or hate him he does a good job for his shareholders.

      1. Cian

        He does a good job for everyone – Ryanair revolutionised the airline industry in Europe.
        He turned a tiny, underperforming airline with a handful of planes into one of the biggest airlines in the world.
        I remember the celebrations when they reached their 1,000,000 passenger after 4 years. Now they carry 1,000,000 passengers every 3 days!

        1. anne

          He did all that did he? I could swear it was pilots flying those planes & the cabin crew serving up they’re miserable sandwiches for a fiver a go. Without the workers he’d have achieved zippo.

          Did you know cabin crew working for RyanAir have to buy their own uniform. What a joke.

          1. Andrew

            yeah he did Anne. Before him the company was losing money and had a lot less workers. Flying to the UK was unaffordable with our state airline for most. Travelling home for most emigrants was by boat.

          2. Cian

            You know that a company is made up of both management and workers. Both are important. However it is the management that sets the strategy. One cabin crew member doing a fantastic/woeful job isn’t going to change the company. One CEO can. And in the case of Ryanair O’Leary has driven the company to where it is today.
            Yes, the crew is important too – but at the end of they day they are replaceable. I don’t know if any of the cabin crew/pilots have been there since 1987? do you?

      2. snowey

        i clearly said i like him
        he is a bit of a blowhard , he could achieve the same with the character it is possible to like somebody and still not like all their character……

  3. Anomanomanom

    Best irish business man ever, actually best irish business person. Hes very hard to like personally, but with our him I’d be paying a fortune to fly out of this poo hole. €12:99 return Edinburgh : )

  4. dav

    Cost-effective way of trying to stop the strike – no offer made and if the strike is called off -Ryanair will go back to treating workers like crap.

  5. Diddy

    I really don’t see what the problem is here .. the staff are angry cos they are not paid properly. Look at your profits Micheal they’re huge!! Redirect a bit more of them to Labour and you’ve got the perfect company!!!

    1. snowey

      they signed those contracts – they weren’t forced….how come the ryanair pilots aren’t working for BA or somebody fancy like that?

      1. anne

        We shouldn’t aim for the lowest common denominator. The pilots can force RyanAir to behave with respect towards them, like other fancier airlines like you mention.

        Similarly Dunnes Workers can and should fight for decent working conditions.. they all don’t have somewhere else to go..& the likes of these companies are raking it in.

        There’s power in numbers as they say.

        Btw, I dont think pay is the issuefor the pilots..more so working conditions.

        1. ahjayzis

          Snowey is clearly a multi-billionaire and thus has an interest in making sure people like O’Leary can erode and degrade pay and working conditions.

          That’s the only non-imbecilic reason I can think of for someone cheering on workers getting less pay and spending less money in the economy. No one’s stupid enough to think money is better languishing in a CEO’s savings account than in the pockets of thousands of citizens buying things from each other.

          1. anne

            Lots of stupid around unfortunately.. but that’s what the much wants more brigade don’t realise, people need money to buy sh*t.

  6. andydufresne2010

    People with the ability to make money are always lionised in this country. Right little capitalism worshippers we are. All the way back to the “sure Johnnie is doing great. 50 people under him he has” of yesteryear. Money = respectability. Never mind creating a society where all people are catered and cared for. “But Jobs!!”
    I’m pretty sure building the pyramids created jobs too. Doesn’t mean they were treated fairly. Profit over people should be well and truly dead in this country after what we witnessed with the banks but it hangs in there.

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