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      1. GiggidyGoo

        Totally against FFGLAB, or any concoction of former members supposedly independent, or ‘independent FFGLAB’. We have had almost a century of them. At every hands turn they find new taxes, levies, charges to screw the population while finding for themselves new allowances, illegal payments.
        Funnily enough, you seem to have a hard on yourself for FG. Are you against every other party?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Well that’s mighty good – you calling someone else a troll? Make a statement, with no relevance. Next thing you’ll be pointing out spelling mistakes – the final bastion of a real troll. Run along now.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            And we are endowed with another one-liner. Nothing to offer then? Are you happy with yet another charge based on the home? If so, why?

          2. Go A Way

            I’m delighted with it
            I hate a lot of aspects of RTÉ but public service broadcasting is also a must

            I’d like to see a huge reform of RTÉ though and a lot more transparency and journalistic scrutiny

          3. GiggidyGoo

            You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but shouldn’t public service broadcasting be just that? A service to the public and not a government mouthpiece, dependent on government to oil its wheels in return for spinning for government.
            I have no problem with you being delighted with it either – but shouldn’t your delight not be held back until it becomes what you want it to be? You surely can’t be delighted at RTÉ in its current format getting funds in this manner.
            And lastly, shouldn’t if be a choice for us whether to pay for RTE? Considering a lot of people don’t utilize its services, why should they support it?

          4. Go A Way

            If you had read Naughten’s comment rather than just responding to it like the reactionary dullard you are you’d have seen that he proposes most of the things you advocate there in this reform.

            As for RTÉ being a government mouthpiece, dinnytalk is an Fg mouthpiece and an phoblacht is a shinner mouthpiece, oh and Messenger magazine is awful propaganda for the sacred heart missionaries and even worse is the Ireland’s Own sure that’s the Pravda of the over 80s- your point isn’t really valid if the bias of the publication or channel is pretty clear

            I don’t expect RTÉ to be objective about the news at all but they do provide a host of essential services such as the shipping and farming forecasts, lyric fm, traffic news etc in which a whole mass of the citizens depend

            This gets forgotten about when everyone whines on about how overpaid Marion or Joe Duffy are with which I do agree. But 80% of the output is quality

          5. Go A Way

            Anyway giggidy what’s wrong with a pithy observation? You should be praising me as brevity is the soul of wit

      2. GiggidyGoo

        We don’t get a special tax so that AnPhoblacht is kept going. INM – well, it has been bailed out using our tax money. Then again, it’s Dinny, That explains that.
        We get weather forecasts on other stations. We get traffic news on other stations. Lyric FM.? Specialized audience and there are stations on SKY that fills that gap for nothing. But if you want to keep Lyric FM, no problem because it doesn’t spew propaganda. But let it live on its own merits and income from advertising.
        Did Naughton really advocate us having a choice to pay? No.
        Did he advocate stopping funding until they got their house in order? No.
        As to the quality – i’d have to disagree with your 80%. If there was a free hand in what could be broadcast on the likes of Primetime or drive time (you know, the incessant interruption of non-government speakers etc.) then the quality could improve. US sitcoms aren’t quality either. Cookery programs, house improvement programs, and lads going on jollies to vietnam to sample food aren’t my idea of quality, or the likes of Hector on a tour of a country he applied for (more than likely).

        Bit – you’ve actually discussed something properly.

        1. Go A Way

          Well you must have very high standards but fair enough- you don’t seem to understand
          A) the BCi and regulatory aspects are so toothless that I’d say if you privatized RTÉ all you would get is a bigger dinny or foreign owned equivalent
          B) the pay as you play model is fine but would likely not cover lyrics running costs – not even the advertising would make it viable. The whole point of publicly funded services is that specialist needs are catered for – where RTÉ falls down is when it tries to be populist copying big shows from across the water

          An phoblacht is funded indirectly by our money though as shinners give their salary to party as far as I am aware

  1. Sartorial

    Why do people wear dinner jackets to weddings? It’s simply not done. It’s perceived by those who don’t know as being correct and it is not. Morning coats not dinner jackets. Otherwise just wear lounge suits.

    1. Frilly New Year everyone

      Ah here
      Fix me up on this
      A morning jacket is the one with the tails yeah?

      So what’s the difference between a dinner jacket and a suit jacket?

      An’ t’ me now
      A lounge suit is a comfy pants with matching top.
      So what’s your understanding of a Lounge suit Sarty

      1. Frilly New Year everyone

        For the love of cheezus
        Can someone tell us the colour of those feckin suits
        Cause that blue there in the Times Irish ed looks like they’re a cabernet band

      2. Lilly

        Morning coat is long, worn with waist coat. Dinner jacket is worn with a bow tie and lounge suit is your ordinary suit worn with a tie.

          1. Lilly

            You and me both Frilly, have the horrors just thinking of it. Time for a job hop in the new year, I think, not that I relish all that interview malarkey one bit.

        1. Patrick

          Is not simply that. Morning coat has a heavier thread and usually herringbone finish. It can come either with tales or without. And is usually worn with pinstripe trousers.

          1. Lilly

            Yeah, yeah… Frilly was just looking for the gist of it. We have Paul Costelloe on speed dial if a thread count is required.

    2. Sam

      “It’s simply not done.” I think the photo evidence contradicts you. It is done, it’s a done deed. It’s their wedding amigo, they can wear the jackets they want to wear.
      Or was there an implied “by (adjective) people” at the end of your “It’s simply not done” ?

      1. Rich Expat

        And brides pleauring the groom orally in wedding photos is also “done” by some. Doesn’t make it right.

  2. Charger Salmons

    Ah Project Fear – I remember it well.
    The Remain economists warned of massive losses on the FTSE in the event of a Leave vote.
    18 months later the FTSE is at an all-time high.
    And I’m STILL waiting for the recession they predicted.
    Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2018 to all my loyal followers on here.
    ( My top tips for the year ahead – avoid crypto-currencies like the plague,maintain sufficient liquidity in your portfolio to take advantage of the inevitable correction in the markets and keep a wary eye on the Italian elections.)

        1. some old queen

          Well you are the one who said to look to the future and Ireland’s future is most definitely within the EU. While it has its faults and is in need of reform, a small open economy like needs the access to it’s nearest neighbouring large market.

          There is no possible outcome of Brexit which will be to Ireland’s benefit so we are between a rock and a hard place. Except moving a united Ireland into the middle lane of course but only if you consider that to be a benefit in the first place.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Interesting question.
        As many FTSE 100 generate much of their revenue abroad they’ve benefited from a weakened pound.
        But they benefited even more from that in 2016 after the currency dropped dramatically following the Brexit vote with the FTSE rising 14%.
        However since then sterling has risen against the dollar for most of this year and yet the index still finishes at an all-time high up 7% on last year.
        One thing is for certain though – the FTSE didn’t do what a host of Remain economists and pro-EU companies predicted prior to the referendum.
        And business confidence remains bullish in Blighty with order books at a three-decade peak and unemployment at a 42-year low.
        Which is the point I was making.

        1. Frilly New Year everyone

          C’mere Char’age
          Why don’t you go on the Telly with JR and the gang
          Like he’s all Brexit and Irexit himself
          Johnny Peace Man will just park up on the fence
          The other 3, Neil, Luke and the Vpip one will just laugh it off amongst themselves, while you probably make shy -t ov’em

          G’wan, shur t’was made for ya, especially now with it going for an’udder hour.
          And they can’t be getting pissed on it all the time

          Walk yer talk Char’age

          1. Brother Barnabas

            how could he cut and paste from the daily mail in an oral debate?just wouldn’t be the same

        2. Brother Barnabas

          you’re parroting the Sun/Daily Mail angle but it’s wrong.

          being up 7.2% in a year when your main counterparts are up by far more isn’t the roaring success the brexiteers are trying to spin. in ytd 2017, US indices overall are up 19.8%, Japan 17.6%, emerging markets 28.3%, France 11%, Germany 12.1%. it’s 18% for the world overall – compared to UK’s 7.2%.

          underperforming your peers so dramatically isn’t success no matter how desperately you want it to be

          so those dire predictions might actually be proving true

          my hunch too is that FTSE’s rise is entirely down to sterling’s weakness. look at what happened at the end of November at the time of the heralded “brexit breakthrough”. sterling gained around 1% on that day alone – yet the FTSE 100 fell by the same amount. that was as clear an indicator as you’ll get that it’s connected to sterling’s weakness, not sentiment over brexit

          personally I’ve a lot invested in brexit succeeding, but I don’t see the point in deluding myself


          1. Charger Salmons

            You’re in such a hurry to rant you forgot what you were originally commenting on.
            The FTSE is at a record high and the economists’ predictions of a dramatic fall in the event of a Leave vote were completely wrong.
            That’s all I wrote,old sport and nothing you have responded with contradicts this in any way.
            Try a tad harder next time and for goodness sake use a capital letter to start a sentence.
            It makes you look like an uneducated oaf.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I’m still coming to terms with the fellow thinking a stock market at a record high is the result of dire predictions coming true.
        And neatly avoided the plain economic fact that fewer people in the UK are unemployed than at any time in the past 42 years.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          you’re showing yourself to be just as ignorant about how financial markets work as you are about everything else

          you can’t assess an index’s performance in isolation – has to be done in context of prevailing conditions. and when you do that, FTSE is underperforming.

          what a one-dimensional simpleton you are

          1. Charger Salmons

            Dire predictions = record highs.
            I’d be worrying about your portfolio if that’s your investment philosophy old bean.
            Mine are up 64% this year.
            You’re more Gordon the Gopher than Gordon Gekko.
            Shame you’re still too stupid to work out what a SHIFT button does.

          2. Charger Salmons

            Well done.
            You finally discovered its use.
            Now,if we could just get you up to speed on punctuation you’ll have a chance of passing your Junior Cert English.

          3. Brother Barnabas

            thanks for that, charger.

            in return, please accept this grammar lesson – as you’re surely aware, English has two reciprocal pronouns: ‘one another’ and ‘each other’. whether someone can use the correct one in the correct context is a good indicator of education

            so, for instance, if someone was to write “Eventually the Boyos couldn’t trust anyone and spent most of their time trying to bump each other off”, he’d show himself to he a chap with a fairly limited standard of education

            so don’t make that mistake

  3. some old queen

    Congratulations to Jerry Buttimer and his partner on their hanging… sorry wedding.

    I wonder if it has given Leo ideas now. Imagine Leo going to Matthew Barrett’s father and he asks “So what are your prospects?” Hmmm big question.

    1. Charger Salmons

      ” The organisation claimed the MI5 plot was aimed at destroying the “Eire economy”. It said British intelligence planned to provide it with a spoon of “Anthras” (sic), “Foort and Mouth Disease”, “Fowl Pest, Swine Fever and Jaagsikpi” to be released in Ireland. ”

      Just to give the headline some context ….

        1. Sam

          Drool over your crown coin all you like, but if you’re going to pretend that MI5 is an organisation of boyscouts with no history of underhanded bloody operations, you’ll look like a complete fool.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Of course MI5 were no Boy Scouts.You don’t expect them to fight terrorism with a woggle and necktie ?
            That’s why they were able to infiltrate the IRA from top to bottom so easily.
            Eventually the Boyos couldn’t trust anyone and spent most of their time trying to bump each other off.

          2. Sam

            MI5 weren’t just about stopping criminal activity. They were about allowing more wholesale level criminal activity to continue, and they weren’t shy about setting up innocent people to be slaughtered just to exploit public opinion afterwards.
            I find it curious that I noted your arrival here around the time that Kevin Myers got sacked. Is it just a coincidence, or is Mr. Myers making use of his free time to troll on internet forums ;)

          3. Charger Salmons

            I would be honoured to be mistaken for Kevin Myers.One of the best polemical journalists of his generation and an excellent writer.
            As for MI5 it was a dirty war in case you’ve forgotten.They just happened to be rather better at it than others.
            Which always made me smile when McGuinness/Adams whined about public inquiries into their behaviour.

          4. Sam

            I’m glad you enjoy the comparison. It wasn’t intended as a compliment.
            Being associated with MI5 wouldn’t be either, a bunch of dishonest murdering gangsters with government backing is hardly any morally upright than a bunch of non-government murdering gangsters, but I suppose the readers of Victor Comics might be inclined to swoon at the mere mention of ‘Her Majesty’s Services’ as if the mere imprimatur somehow expunged the sins.

          5. Charger Salmons

            MI5 and MI6, along with GCHQ, do more to keep you safe in your bed at night than you can ever imagine.
            And An Garda Síochána were extremely pleased to avail of the intelligence gathered by MI5 agents on the ground during the Troubles,busy as they were directing traffic.
            Fact is the RA were turned inside out by MI5 and the SAS and by slotting gunmen before they could kill saved the lives of a great many people.
            The British security services are envied and admired around the world – that’s why the rare bright spark amongst the turnip heads waddling out of Templemore gets training from them.

          6. Frilly New Year everyone

            And thank you for saying it yourself
            That It was a War

            Now that you’ve said it
            There’s no need to revert back to troubles
            It just makes you look like a willy

            And there’s enough of them around here as it is

          7. some old queen

            Ladies and Gentlemen.

            We here at some old queen limited are delighted and excited to bring you a present for the one or more people you forgot at Christmas and whom you now need something to quickly cover your early alzheimer’s / apathy.

            We give you a CD of……. stylish drum roll…….

            The Ulster Taliban Choir singing such inclusive classics as Save Ulster from Sodomy (Panti Bliss Remix), Never on a Sunday (Graham Norton edit), Ulster says No (Michelle O’Neill dub) and of course, the old favourite Never Never Never. Who can forget that one eh *Cheesy Grin*

            Available at all good vegan restaurants or fitness nutrition stores selling dodgy steroids.

  4. Charger Salmons

    More importantly here is a novel way to bring in the new year,courtesy of Phil Collins.
    If you play ‘In The Air Tonight’ on December 31st at 11:56:40 the drum break will play right as the clock strikes midnight.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      that IS interesting

      you come across more as a chap who’d spend new years eve in front of your laptop with your trolleys around your ankles

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            He makes for tiresome reading on tiresome threads, and makes even the most entertaining commenters dull reading after a while.

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            There’s been an excess of salmon round here lately and it’s starting to stink.

            Hope you had a good Christmas, Harry my dear.

          3. Harry Molloy

            It was awful for various reasons but the new year is promising :-)

            Salmon is having a great time, and is good at winding a lot of us up. Familiar.

          4. Go A Way

            It’s beyond sad and now approaching awful parody and pastiche – like the back end of a pantomime horse

      1. Charger Salmons

        I love the way Celts stick together like birds in a feather.
        Rugby World Cup bid anyone ?
        Ireland (because final chance to avoid imminent ban) is riding high.The acquiescent Irish media is doing its usual job of swallowing and not spitting out the government spin.
        RTE’s Tony Connelly is in his usual role of taking notes from the uncomfortable position of having his nose up Leo’s botty.
        The rest of the Irish press pack are taking their lead from Tony because after all you can’t get a better position than the Taoiseach’s taint.
        Word is it’s in the bag for Paddy because we have the greatest supporters in the world.
        And fellow Celts the Scots and Welsh are deffo going to support us because well we’re the Irish and they’re our bezzies.
        Shuddering,juddering reality hits the Irish world cup bid and several million euros get flushed down the bog.
        Hello Ireland,welcome to reality.

  5. Steph Pinker

    Vitriolic, insecure and nasty comments seem to be the accepted mode of discourse on BS for quite a while; why would anyone willingly present themselves as such, whether it’s anonymously through the internet, or in real life?

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, I have to agree. And it’s a real pity.

      Hopefully the new year will bring a better tone to the comments.

      1. Go A Way

        It’s improved already by a factor of 10 Mildred since they shut down that awful memes character

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