The Public Service Card And You


The Echo Chamber podcast.

Hosts Martin McMahon (top right) and Tony Groves (left) are joined in the ‘tortoise shack’ by Simon McGarr (centre) solicitor at McGarr Solicitors, Director at Data Compliance Europe and blogger at

Martin writes:

Given the importance of this podcast we decided to split it into two parts. In the first 45mins Simon deals with what Data is, what the law requires of the State and whether a satisfactory explanation has been given for the mandatory, but not compulsory Public Services Card. There’s also a neat story about how using Freedom of Information requests can reveal secrets that are EXEMPT from FOI requests….

Part 2 tomorrow.

The Echo Chamber

13 thoughts on “The Public Service Card And You

  1. Jackdaw

    I can’t wait for part II. My foil hat may not stay in place long enough though. Next weeks one revealing the truth about Chem trails from Aircraft will be awesome.

    1. Nuala Mc Namara

      Why would you need a foil hat to listen to an expert from Digital Rights Ireland ,chair of which is law lecturer TJ Mc Intyre & Director of Data Compliance Europe?
      Surely how their &their families personal data is collected,stored and used would be of great interest to the public?

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