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Chris Fair

Free next Tuesday?

Acclaimed Chicago performance artist Chris Fair kicks off his European Tour of the “Laser Comedy Show” in the Powerscourt Theatre, Powerscourt Town Centre, Dublin 2 at 7.30pm.

Laser Comedy?


The Laser Comedy Show is a one of a kind, improvised story telling experience. Chris uses Laser Reactive Technology to draw characters and scenery with a cinematic sense on a glow in the dark screen, which the lines fade in moments like a high tech etch-a-sketch.

Chris brings the characters to life by voicing them over, creating sound effects, music and continually drawing action to turn a 2-D screen into a 3-D world.

With support from Neil+1 (Neil Curran – yes, him off the telly!)

Laser Comedy Show at the  Powerscourt Theatre

The show moves to the Accidental Theatre, Belfast on February 17.

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