18 thoughts on “Real English Wine

    1. Robert

      Actually, Irish wine is a thing now as well I believe. Some Belgian guy out near Donabate started making it with specialised grape varieties. I have it anecdotally that it is also, not too bad … though I’ll reserve judgement til I actually get to try some …

      1. Otis Blue

        Used to be one in Cappoquin in Co Waterford too. Fhiongort Port Lairge or something. Wasn’t great tbh and I still have a bottle of it.

    1. The Old Boy

      I’m sure pretending to be an English toff when you’re an undergraduate from Sallynoggin is exhausting after a while.

  1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

    an Irish red ?
    splits sides laughing
    was chatting to someone about this over Christmas apparently the grapes are grown under protection
    pfft I say, pft

      1. lolly

        they are grown outdoors he just covers them for the months of july august to help the grapes to ripen. to ripen grapes like his you need temperatures outdoors approaching 30 degrees for much of august and that isn’t ever going to happen in Ireland. The wine isn’t bad, tastes not unlike a Loire Cab Franc, production is minuscule hence the price. The lads in Cappoquin had to stop production it seems as they were adding stuff other than grapes to their ‘wine’.
        I know a guy that planted a vineyard in Wexford this year that has high hopes he will be able to do it all outdoors (presumably because of the clones he is using). we’ll see!

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