This afternoon.

Winetavern St/Wood Quay, beside DCC offices.

Barry H writes

Spotted this lad ‘busking’ at the traffic lights…anyone?

10 thoughts on “Stop Him

  1. H

    They look like pedestrian lights, is he using them to stop the traffic so that he can perform in front of it? If yes, he could be done for impeding the flow of traffic….

  2. Rois

    Looks impressive and all that but there’s something that irks me about people busking (or begging as well) in traffic.

  3. Frilly Keane

    Yeah he’s there a lot at the civic offices junction
    ( Bridge / quay traffic lights)

    I think I might’ve even taken a pic meself to send in
    He’s been around since late last summer
    And tbf
    He’s not a nuisance
    I usually give him some change from the parking/ tolls cash bank

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