For Their Consideration


This afternoon.

Irish interest in the 2018 Academy Awards.

In fairness,.

Shape of Water dominates Oscars nominations with 13 nods (RTÉ)

34 thoughts on “For Their Consideration

  1. Gooch Gooch Gooch

    Daniel Day Lewis and Martin McDonogh….Brits who have either Irish parents or live here….so they’re Irish now.

    And we moan about the English.

    1. Boj

      Is you calling them BRITS the same as them calling us PADDIES?
      Just wondering if it’s a racial slur … yet

      1. Mart

        No it’s not a slur. It’s just the same as calling an Australian an Aussie, someone from Finland a Fin, Saudi Arabian a Saudi, Turkey a Turk, Sweden a Swede, Pakistan a…..oh dear

  2. Andrew

    Why does this jamboree get such coverage now? RTE are going overboard about it.
    It’s backslapping exercise and hardly transparent either.

    1. dav

      if they do, can they then fight onstage for each award?
      I think Francis Mac would beat the bejaysus out of Saoirse..
      And Gary Oldman V Denzel???

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        All it would take is a withering look from Frances and the entire audience would be cowering under their seats and Denzel can beat the bejeebus out of Oldman.

  3. Not On Your Nelly

    Born here and having an Irish accent would be a good start. But we are living in a post facts world. Wheeeeee

  4. digs

    She’s actually a fantastic actor, it’s just her real life personality that lets her down. In my personal opinion, she utterly insufferable in interviews, alas she is only a kid.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      how is she insufferable? seems fine to me.

      (assume you’re talking about saoirse ronan)

  5. Junkface

    Well done to all involved! Its good to see. On Three Billboards, I enjoyed a lot of it, but I thought it would be a bit better, especially by the end. Its worth another watch for sure. Frances McDormand is fanastic in it

  6. Cloud

    Delighted for Ronan. Some people are bottoms for the sake of it, but I find her to be very likeable in interviews.

    Accepting award at the SAG Awards the other night, Frances McDormand basically said she didn’t want the Oscar + it should go to one of the younger actors.

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