Double, Double, Toil and Trouble



This afternoon.

Pro-life activists highlight Minister for Children Katherine Zappone’s apparent interest in witchcraft and the teachings of ‘Starhawk’ drawn from Ms Zappone’s 1991 book The Hope For Wholeness.


Maybe it was just for a spell.


Suit yourselves.

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Images via Emma Murphy

32 thoughts on “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

  1. GiggidyGoo

    As an aside. I was passing close to Bunclody a few years ago and picked up a hitchhiker. Turned out she was a witch. I knew because when she put her hand on my knee, I turned into a Lay-by

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Emma Murphy is allegedly a sock account of a prominent male antichoicer. It makes sense for him to post his homophobic bigotry as “Emma” so he can feign an air of respectability otherwise.

    Maybe Zappone will turn “Emma” into a frog (not Pepe, though)

  3. Alastair

    The hat does make this extra entertaining. Falls short of convincing me to change my vote though. Suspect it’ll only resonate with the witch finder general audience, who I’d imagine were already in the #savetheeighth camp.

  4. Donker

    This person is making a 1983 argument in a changed world where most people would see both witchcraft and Catholicism as different spiritual belief systems, both for slightly odd people with little difference in favorability.
    There has always been abortion, it’s time we stopped sending our daughters and sisters to quacks or overseas while pretending it doesn’t happen.

  5. Pedro

    So you’re saying Zapppone is a loon?

    Iy would certainly cast her support full term abortions in a different light if it was a function of her religious/spiritual beliefs.

    1. Inquistor

      Why does it matter where her beliefs come from? Her position is still her position. People are still free to disagree with her on any grounds they like..

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Is believing in witchcraft more odd than believing in an invisible sky fairy who will punish you with torture for all eternity because you once coveted your neighbours ass?

  6. Pedro

    Well it would mean that she is an unthinking ideologue acting to a dogma-informed agenda i.e. Not really that different to those who used run things and to whom she claims to be opposed.

    Not sure about anyone else but personally speaking I’d prefer to keep people who believe themselves to be communing with deities or indeed practicing magic etc to be kept well away from anything to do with the welfare of children

    1. Inquistor

      I think you’ll find there are plenty of unthinking ideologues out there no matter what their spiritual beliefs are even if they profess to be none. And perhaps a fear of someone else belief of magic or other spiritual practice is a throw back to the brainwashing of the catholic church that anything that isn’t sanctioned by church or society is necessarily an ill. Or the devil! You could say the same about Yoga, or Buddhism in the odd priest still does every now and then…

  7. Pedro

    No. My scepticism of someone who professes the type of beliefs contained in the quotes from Zappones book above, stems from time spent amongst the New Agers in more than one location around the globe. They are a self serving cult who, to a man and woman in my experience, view humanity as a virus to be eradicated. Zappone woukd appear to be one of them based on the content of her book. This makes her wholly unfit to be charged with responsibility for the welfare of children.

    1. Inquistor

      I’ve spent some time among various groups of New-Agers as well. Not sure where you are getting the idea “they view humanity as a virus to be eradicated”? In any case if you have met people like this I wouldn’t be tarring all people who hold new-age or similar views with the same brush. Might be risking the possibility of holding an unthinking ideology there (!)

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