Cupid Come From Coffee Cup


Or so ‘they’ say.

Every week, we give away a voucher to the amount of twenty five euros to splash out wherever you see the Golden Discs sign

All we ask from you is a tune we can play next Wednesday, February 14.

This week’s theme: My Bloody Valentine

What dissonance-drenched banger from the Cabinteely, County Dublin quartet’s canon would YOU like us to crank up on Valentine’s Day?

And, critically, your reasons musical or otherwise.

To enter, please complete this sentence:

‘Just play My Bloody Valentine’s ___________________________on February 14 for the following reason(s)______________________’

Lines MUST close at 2am 3am

Golden Discs

14 thoughts on “Cupid Come From Coffee Cup

  1. Rich Uncle Skeleton

    Just play My Bloody Valentine’s “Nothing Is” on February 14 for the following reason: it may be a few seconds of noise repeated over and over, but if you let yourself get lost in its repetitive glory, it’s always worthy of your time. LIKE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP.

  2. Liam

    “Sometimes” – such a beautiful melody buried deep under layers and layers of distortion. It was the first song of theirs I heard on the old Fanning radio show and I still remember thinking WTF is this? Perfect lovelorn (if virtually inaudible) lyrics too:

    Over there, and I want true love to grow
    You can’t hide, oh no, from the way I feel

  3. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    Cabinteely? Whole Quartet? Nope. Whatever.

    Just play My Bloody Valentine’s Only Shallow on February 14 for the following reason(s): “It’s the perfect shoegaze wall of sound mashup of monstrous guitars, snare-centric drumming and a slathering of digital distortion with a Kate Bush-alluded Bilinda soothing topping”

  4. The Real Shrimply Pibbles

    Just play My Bloody Valentines “Soon” coz it’s a classic indie shoegaze anthem and the guitars make me feel like I’m on acid (again).

  5. Wait For It

    Just play My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Blown A Wish’ on February 14 for the following reason(s): it’s their most deliriously romantic song. Even aside from the lyrics that follow the opening line, ‘midnight wish, blow me a kiss/I’ll blow one to you’, there’s the dizzying, off-kilter swooping of the guitar, the warm explosion between verses, and the half-heard gurgling guitars and Bilinda’s soothing, wordless vocal harmonies as the song comes to an end. It’s a song that sounds as heady and disorienting as love feels.

    They do a lovely cover of ‘We Have All The Time In The World’ too.

  6. Lilly

    Just play My Bloody Valentine’s ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’ on February 14 because all beauty must die.

  7. digs

    “You Made Me Realise”
    Cause it has the most disarming mix of the following four ingredients;
    It’s basically like the Beach Boys strung out on love, insecurity and crystal meth. Like a young persons awoken brain!
    …and it’s kind of catchy!

  8. Jasper

    Just play My bloody Valentines “‘who sees you” from mbv (Lp3) on February 14 just because they came back into my life after 22 long years and made me fall in love with them all over again.

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