How Does Anaesthesia Work?


Stephen Zheng (with the assistance of a cartoon woodland creature) explains the science and history of anaesthesia for Ted-Ed.

Spoiler: it may seem like you’re asleep, but you’re not.


4 thoughts on “How Does Anaesthesia Work?

  1. The Ghost of Starina

    Was reading a great story yesterday about the fact that anaesthesia also works on plants, and they’re not sure how.

    1. :-Joe

      It affects the electrical signals of plants that have certain types of leaves, tendrils or traps that open or close like venus flytraps…

      Strange to think a human can use a drug to sedate a plant as opposed to my preferred opposite the other way round….


        1. :-Joe

          You can do that too but you’ll need something like LSD therapy that Cary Grant used back in the good ol’ days of the sixties…

          or… if you happen to be in the jungles of Peru you could share some Yage leaves with the Jaguars… but that would also be using a wild animal to help you find a drug that gets you sedated together before the other fun begins…

          Who knows how it would end, who will wake up first… but you’d definitely have plenty to talk about if you survived?…


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