They’re back

In an ‘altered’ state of consciousness.

Are Ya Having That writes:

‘LeatherJacketGuy’ and ‘JohnnyBS’ Try Blessed Church Wine & Mass Beer!!

16 thoughts on “Go In Pieces

  1. Gearóid

    I will confess – I liked this way back when it i) was shorter ii) had no supplementary characters iii) and when I was more giddy. I think I have joined the rest of you now, I’m afraid.

  2. anne

    12 ales marys.. wahhhhaaaaa not.

    25 minutes. Fupp off.

    Leather jacket guy looks a very strange colour lately btw. Is his liver packing it in maybe?

  3. Tony

    Everyone commenting on this thread has now voted for BS to keep these LJG posts coming.

    I don’t mind him myself. But don’t be coming on here whingeing when yiz are all secret LJG fans!


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