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Frankie Cosmos – Being Alive

Daniel Martin writes:

I recently made a music video for a band from New York called Frankie Cosmos, who are currently signed to Sub Pop.

The video was made entirely by an Irish crew.

I’ve been making music videos for various bands, mostly Irish, for a few years now and got in the habit of making videos for international bands when they stayed in my apartment in Temple Bar.

This time was a little different as I was able to go on tour across Europe with Frankie Cosmos and Squarehead. Upon returning home we got to work putting together a Puppet version of the band to get abducted by a Space Dog

The puppets were made by Laura Gilsenan who is fashion designer based in Dublin.

The artwork used throughout was by Ruan van Vliet, a Dublin based graphic designer as well as a drummer for Squarehead and many other bands based in the Popical Island collective.

In fairness.

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