Everyone stay cool.



This afternoon.

Howth Road, Clontarf, Killester, County Dublin

Dónal tweetz:

‘Line painting’, active pumping/customers refilling…I have no words left. This is a major breach of public safety

Thanks Dan Costelloe

13 thoughts on “Stop That!

    1. edalicious

      On its own, the exposed pallet of briquettes beside the fuel pumps is probably enough for a stern talking to from the HSA..

  1. Ronan

    I see no evidence of active pumping, or cars/customers being present. Entrance could be closed for all we know.

    How do they do this generally? Is it safer at night? Perhaps the pumps are all locked from inside.

    The briquettes are odd, granted. Might be there temporarily to block access to garage forecourt from an adjoining business

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