In The Year 2040


And still no flying cars?

Project Ireland 2040.

The video (from the Strategic Communications Unit).

Alex Francis writes:

In 2040 everything is going to be miniature, made of faux wood and PERFECT.

I’m wondering if everything is going to be great by 2040 or is 2040 the start date??

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17 thoughts on “In The Year 2040

  1. martco

    jasus. they were at this all day long on the radio. does ANYONE over the age of 14 seriously believe this guff?


    Is it some kind of weirdo YFG school transition year project?

    genuinely puzzled

    1. Brian

      No, it’s two national plans. If there wasn’t a National Plan or a Planning Framework you’d be on here saying “what are they doing, they haven’t even got a long term plan?”

      What’s your problem with it? Sure, they didn’t meet the targets of the last one but there was a bit of a recession there. It’s nice to have hopes and dreams isn’t it? If we get a Metro North out of it and the M20 it’ll be something.

      I’m genuinely puzzled as to what would make you happy today?

      1. Martco

        “It’s nice to have hopes and dreams, isn’t it?”

        yeah I’d say all the dead homeless people would have had some of those at some point alrite. of course there’ll be no need to meet their hopes and dreams cos they’re already dead. but I’d say the families living in hotels and all the young couples out there who can’t afford the €400k affordable houses are having them right now. maybe start there. but as you know there’s many hopes and dreams. just take your pick.

    2. Sheik Yahbouti

      No. Not a solitary sinner, not even someone in a home for the bewildered. I can recall Kenny and Bruton 251 point plan of 2011.

  2. Gabby

    I see images of trams, tractors, trains and airplanes – but nary a horse and trap. Horse power is a renewable energy source, and horse manure is good for the cultivation of mushrooms. Also good for throwing at crafty politicians.

  3. david

    I had to laugh
    Little Leo verruca or leo the cheque is in the post varadka
    A man that has delivered nothing who is now in charge of the brexit negotiations and the future of the good Friday agreement
    I listened to Joe duffey the other day and the subject pain patches being removed from citizens who are suffering torture
    We have a ex doctor in charge of the country who was a failed minister of health and he permits the torture of these poor souls to save a few bob
    He is presiding over the worst health crises
    The worst housing crises in the states history
    The nationwide broadband roll out is as distant as it has ever been and seriously in doubt
    And the power sharing in the north has gone down the pan
    If fianna fail have any decency they must pull the plug before brexit gets so hostile because I see nothing but a disaster on the cards
    As for the 2040 pipe dream it all depends on the economy not crashing for truly that chequer is in the post
    It takes a leader and we sadly do not have one in place
    As for micky martins comments ?
    He was dead on the money regarding northern ireland

    A good Friday agreement which is hinging on the hope Sinn Fein do not go back to its old ways

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