Rare Oul’ Lure Lore Of Yore

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Sea Fishing Ireland tweetz:

Any Irish/Dublin anglers out there old enough to admit remembering Rose, Lily, and the Alsatian at ABC Mary’s Abbey Dublin 7; ragworm wrapped in Evening Press? Dog’s name?

What in the name of j…


7 thoughts on “Rare Oul’ Lure Lore Of Yore

  1. bisted

    …makes me feel young…Rory’s man myself…always tittered buying ‘Green Peter’…where I came from a ‘Blue Peter’ was a blue movie from under the counter at the local video shop…

  2. Dublin Bus Smoker

    Moorkens fan, meself.

    Can’t beat the auld Southside Angling on Ardee St now though.

    Weird lettering on the ABC – looks like a Chinese Takeaway…

  3. Sheik Yahbouti

    My father, together with yours truly – press ganged – were some of the poverty stricken sods who dug the lug and the rag (viscious buggers) to sell to these shops.


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