Rare Oul’ Lure Lore Of Yore


Sea Fishing Ireland tweetz:

Any Irish/Dublin anglers out there old enough to admit remembering Rose, Lily, and the Alsatian at ABC Mary’s Abbey Dublin 7; ragworm wrapped in Evening Press? Dog’s name?

What in the name of j…


7 thoughts on “Rare Oul’ Lure Lore Of Yore

  1. bisted

    …makes me feel young…Rory’s man myself…always tittered buying ‘Green Peter’…where I came from a ‘Blue Peter’ was a blue movie from under the counter at the local video shop…

      1. bisted

        …I was such a regular that they once gave me a (Shakespeare) T-shirt – ‘happiness is a rod in your hand’…

  2. Dublin Bus Smoker

    Moorkens fan, meself.

    Can’t beat the auld Southside Angling on Ardee St now though.

    Weird lettering on the ABC – looks like a Chinese Takeaway…

  3. Sheik Yahbouti

    My father, together with yours truly – press ganged – were some of the poverty stricken sods who dug the lug and the rag (viscious buggers) to sell to these shops.

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