Last night.

Dublin 2.

Morrissey performs against a backdrop of Margaret Thatcher about to get batoned at the 3arena.

James Reynolds tweetz:

Great gig with the daughter last night. I think the Irish audience appreciated the backdrop…

Any excuse


20 thoughts on “Irish Heart

  1. Shankillfalls

    His current political rantings are very much in line with the extreme right in the Tory party and with his besties in UKIP and the BNP. Thatcher was far to liberal for him I guess.

    1. david

      I grew up in the UK before thatcher and after
      I was born in Ireland and because of the bigotry in Ireland (republic )my parents had to leave
      Like thousands of paddies who did not fit the bill
      Thatcher was needed
      In years to come she will be judged in a lesser harsh light
      She was the iron lady
      Now look at our little leo verruca
      Or Leo the cheque is in the post varadka who would love to be a Tory boy
      Sadly he is just a KAPO presiding over the rape of our country

  2. some old queen

    I actually seen The Smiths five time in the one year so was pretty much a fan but have no interest in seeing Morrissey these days. Nostalgia just isn’t what it used to be.

      1. Andrew

        Not Morriseys lyrics either? Morrisey’s solo career fared quite a bit better that Johnny’s.
        I loved Marr’s guitar playing too but to discount Morrissey is bizarre. No to mention Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce.

  3. Digs

    I hate people who’s say;
    “The wife” or “the daughter”. They’re usually the same insufferable bores who say;
    “The craic”.
    On a different note, why specifically would Irish people, as opposed to say Argentinian or French or anyone, appreciate that backdrop. She was universally reviled.

    On a final and sadder note. I personally feel great loss at the diminished marbles of Mozzer. He continues to venture ever more beyond self parody : (

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Yeah it’s usually a good guide that they’re a sap.
      see also: people who are exercising in their LinkedIn photo

    2. ivan

      Dunno; when I refer to The Brother, i always capitalise it. Perhaps a nod to Flann O’B. It anonymizes but still makes the person a proper noun.

      YMMV, obvs

      1. Cian

        And yet you use a lower-case “i” in both “ivan” and your personal pronoun.

        I get about 75mpg, thanks.

    3. Boj

      Firstly, what should he have said? I see nothing wrong with that…must I be an “insufferable bore”
      (FYI that’s a silly billy phrase in itself)
      On a different note: because he was in Dublin, Ireland performing in front of Irish audience.
      And the final, sadder bit…I hate people who feel sorry for multi-millionaires…

  4. Iwerzon

    Never looked or listened to him again since he played Israel #BDS
    My Nick Cave ticket isn’t worth poo either.

  5. Johnny Keenan

    Only Morrissey could write a line ‘I have forgiven Jesus’ and people would genuinely think well that’s decent of him.

    I never saw him live but I fear he might never be back this way again.

    On the surface I feel the Israel thing maybe exaggerated. What did he actually do?
    Moz always suits himself, so what’s the surprise.

    I choke up every time I see this video. The passion and respect given and taken.

    I have a romantic notion of Manchester and Morrissey and have never been to see either.
    Maybe that’s why I hold both dear.

    Still time I hope. There is a light that never goes out.

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