Behold: the Ferrari 488 Pista – a turbocharged,V8, 710bhp track car (or ‘weekend racer’ for those with €240,000 to invest in such a thing).

100km/h in less than 3s, 340km/h top speed and a Side Slip Angle Control system to keep it stuck to the road.

Profligate, but ever so pretty.


19 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

    1. Martco

      the way things are going these days in UK if you could manage to be in line to order & pay for one you’d almost certainly make money straightaway selling it on…or dry store for 10 years & kerching! better investment than gold, really.

    1. Martco

      oh I dunno about that…Ferrari 308GT4 was very oddball & universally unloved

      Gillian Bowler used to knock around town in one at some point if I recall correctly

      also see 400i



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