“I Will Be Taking Legal Action”

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From top: Dr Brooke Magnanti; Journalist Olaf Tyaransen (left); the late sex workers’ rights activist Laura Lee

Yesterday, Scientist and author Dr Brooke Magnanti published a piece on Medium in which she alleges Hot Press journalist Olaf Tyaransen drugged, sexually assaulted and beat the late Dublin-born sex workers’ rights campaigner Laura Lee.

Mr Tyaransen, who denies the allegations and has promised unspecified legal redress, interviewed Ms Lee at a Dublin hotel in October 2014 for Hot Press magazine, where he serves as a staff writer.

Dr Magnanti claims:

After the interview, Laura told me, Olaf had invited himself back to her room for more chat. And it was there he drugged her, beat her, and sexually assaulted her.

Dr Magnanti includes correspondence with Ms Lee in her post  (at link below – also contains graphic image) which indicates Ms Lee “gave a statement of evidence” lasting six hours to Gardai at Store Street Station in November 2017.

There was no follow up, Dr Magnanti said, and the investigation ended with Ms Lee’s death on February 9.

Ms Lee, was born in Dublin but lived in Glasgow, Scotland

In October 2017, her campaigning for sex workers rights obtained a judicial review of a new law making it illegal for men to pay for sex in Northern Ireland

Hot Press said yesterday that Mr Tyaransen would be stepping down from the magazine by “mutual agreement” while “he deals with these allegations”.

This evening, Mr Tyaransen sent us the following statement:

“It’s completely untrue. I will be taking legal action. And I’m not letting the bastards grind me down.”

An Irish journalist sexually assaulted Laura Lee — here’s why he’s getting away with it (Medium)

Pic: Rex/Hot Press



181 thoughts on ““I Will Be Taking Legal Action”

  1. Rich Expat

    Despise the guy but this is a bit much. She was a campaigner for sex workers yet when she was attacked and raped by a nobody in the media she never reported it. Now her mate has thrown out this grenade which can never go to court.

    1. Nice Anne

      She reported it to the Guards. It’s on record. The investigation ended with her death.
      Who cares who he is or what she was.
      Don’t rape.
      Well done her mate.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      I hope he does, then Laura’s 6 hour interview can be made public. It’s terrible that he can’t be investigated because she’s dead. Investigations into murders/manslaughter/car accidents etc don’t stop because the victim dies.

  2. king Adolf von bratwurst

    he comes across as a bit of an eejit . I don’t see why he had to step down. was a complaint made?

    1. Lilly

      Oh please, you really think she singled poor Olaf out and fabricated this claim? She took photos of the marks on her body. They coincide with the time of her meeting with him. She confided in friends. She made a formal complaint to the Gardai.

      1. qwerty123

        That’s it then? Guilty? No due process, no other side? Crikey, social media is one tough judge, jury and executioner.

        1. Nigel

          Yeah so tough it carries no legal weight whatsoever! But people keep acting as if forming an opinion based on a story was itself some kind of outrageous breach of a legal procedure that doesn’t exist outside of courtroom setting! You’ll find this hard to believe but people were forming opinions like this long before social media!

          1. qwerty123

            Did you read it? It’s more than a opinion. It is slander. No legal weight yes, apart from loss of good name and livelihood, it really is not right. I’m pretty sure you would not like this being written about you.

          2. Nigel

            Unless, of course, the Guards corroborate her assertion that a report was made and an investigation underway, which would put her on firmer ground, and if no report was made that blows the whole thing out of the water. I guess we’ll see.

            (I have no idea what Garda policy is about releasing information like this, though.)

      2. dan

        Who knows? There’s a mental health crisis globally, not just in Ireland – people make stuff up all the time. Not saying that’s what’s happened here, but that’s one of the many reasons we have a judicial process – so someone is not penalised based on conjecture.

        1. Nice Anne

          Can you please link to the peer reviewed and condoned paper which links this alleged increase in mental health issues with a rise in people “making stuff up”, particularly in relation to making up allegations of rape.

        2. Daddy

          “There’s a mental health crisis globally, not just in Ireland – people make stuff up all the time. Not saying that’s what’s happened here”

          But are suggesting it aren’t you? Sullying her memory by bringing mental into it, suggesting she had issues and they caused her make it up.

          Such a cheap and nasty way to undermine a victim.

  3. Bonjoe

    Magnanti has extensive past form in relation to this, she’s been sued twice for defamation: she lost to her ex-partner in 2013, and she fled back home to Florida last year after she was subject to another one by someone fairly big (might have been Julie Bindel IIRC) to claim this First Amendment protection. If ever there was a bottom feeder in the rumour mill, it’s her: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/media/press/substantial-libel-damages-paid-to-former-boyfriend-of-sex-blogger-belle-de-jour-8736501.html

    I think if Tyransen is smart he will focus on the Irish “influencers” who are retweeting the defamatory statements, and adding their own defamatory statements. There is a certain group of Scots and Irish individuals (including a bottom feeding solicitor) associated with Laura Lee who are behind this and got Magnanti to pull the trigger because she believes she’s safe from legal action in the US, but they aren’t.

    That said, if the legal action succeeds it’s impossible to put the genie back in the bottle.

    1. qwerty123

      Exactly, damage already done, guilty or not it doesn’t matter. Broadsheet should take this down based on her history here.

        1. Bodger

          Sorry Dhaughton, Olaf has contributed to Broadsheet over the years and we would regard him as a friend and took no relish in posting. We felt it was our duty not to ignore the story and our responsibility to present it as fairly as possible.

          1. Dan

            It’s not a story though – it’s one persons unsubstantiated claims, someone with a history of making things up.

          2. Lilly

            @Dan – Are you trying to muddy the waters here by creating a composite character of Brooke Magnanti and Laura Lee?

            It’s not working because a) you have failed to establish that Magnanti has a history of making things up and b) you don’t get to airbrush Laura Lee out of the picture just because she’s no longer alive.

          3. Frilly Keane

            An’ d’ya know wha’ Lil
            I went to folly Dr Magnanti on twitter
            An’ she blocked me

            QAnon that lads

          4. Frilly Keane

            Shur I dunno

            Maybe she doesn’t like cursing
            Or Langers
            Maybe I’m beneath her
            Like she’s bin’ published
            Won awards

            Like Dr Magnanti is the real deal like
            I’m just a bloggard

          5. Pam

            Are you on drugs ? The man is sick and you have a twisted mind like your mate ! there’s evidence you imbecile take it suck it up. Deal

        2. Bonjoe

          We’re not getting the full story here (as usual) with these accusations. This person was street wise: how did an interview turn into an alleged spanking session and rape in the first place???

          1. Frilly Keane

            You’re probably dead right there BowJob
            Where there’s one
            N’ all that like

            C’mere what d’ya make of the Monaghan Tyrone result anyway

    2. Lilly

      @Bonjoe – Do you have a link to anything that backs up your assertion that Magnanti has a history of defamation or ‘extensive past form’ as you put it? She was sued once by an ex-boyfriend whom she counter-sued. Her latest book was panned by Julie Bindel but there are no reports of defamation proceedings between the two.

      1. Bonjoe

        If you take her own murmurings about the Bindel situation at that time (circa a year or two ago), Magnanti herself was going on about potential defamation proceedings over part of the book as a reason for fleeing Scotland. This incident would then make it the third situation where she has either been subject to proceedings or otherwise accused of defamatory statements.

        I know lots of people with big mouths in the D List “writer” pool, but it takes a special kind of reject to have got themselves in the firing line so often. Then (as now) flee the jurisdiction and now hide behind US of A, her native country she previously spurned, as a flag of convenience.

  4. Bernie

    Well said Lilly, Nigel and Frilly. She showed amazing courage in coming forward and making her statement. In doing so and her story being made public by her friend, more girls, women, boys and men will hopefully speak up about alleged sexual crimes committed against them. There are sexual abuse cases in the news weekly, as hard as it is to read them, it is these abuse survivors truth and reality, they live and relive their nightmares daily so tough poo poo querty and people with same view, get used to alleged sexual predators being named and shamed.

  5. gorugeen

    First of all, slander no longer exists in Irish law. It’s defamation. To prove defamation you must demonstrate actual loss.
    We operate our legal system on the basis of innocent until proven otherwise. All citizens are entitled to fair procedure including a fair trial. All the folks retweeting the allegations as fact are giving the potential defense team bucket loads of evidence that their client can’t possibly get a fair trial. This trial by social media is a step way, way too far.

    1. George

      The fact is there was an allegation. There never can be a trial in this case doesn’t mean the truth has to be hidden.

  6. Dermie

    I don’t see Brooks mention the word “allegedly” once in her article and yet some very very strong accusations……

  7. Chris

    Read this article after it caught my eye as I finished skimming over the front pages..now, this is not my area, iv never read hot press, never heard of any of the individuals involved, and I obvs have no idea what exactly happened in that hotel room. I also don’t like wearing ties…which Dr Magnanti appears to somehow link to an increased liklyhood of me being a violent rapist???

    Now I’m not going to try defend the ALLEGED attacker..not because he has an evil sounding name, ..but because I don’t know the truth..and, as she wasn’t in the hotel room either, neither does Dr Magnanti..which is why the tone and wording of her article is totally rediculous..leaving aside legal stuff, it’s just shoddy writing..making statements of fact that she can’t possibly know are fact.

    I also note the following…

    Since when can men just “invite themselves” back to women’s hotel rooms…when did that becone a thing?

    “Drugged”…with what…? What effects did these drugs have..are we talking Rohypnol?…Cocaine?…Calpol? Why not name the drug, or what she suspects it was?

    The photo…”beaten black and blue”..well…while not technically incorrect, i dont think any reasonable person would think that’s the most appropriate way that those injuries could have been described….and, those injuries are simply not consistent with a “beating”..if those bruises in that location are the result of a violent confrontation than an explanation of how they occurred is also required…especially as the injured party could “take care of herself” as Dr Magnanti asserts..

    if Dr Magnanti really wanted to help her friend, she should have written a more balanced article..coz to a neutral like myself, this looks like an evidence free feminist witch hunt..and I would be more inclined to take the side of the accused….

    1. Lilly

      Hi Chris, have you just posted above as Dan? Some tics in your text suggest so.

      The injuries looked severe to me. She said sitting was sore and that they had been administered with a belt.

      Would beaten ‘red raw’ have satisfied you as a description?

        1. Rich Expat

          She was a woman that specialised in S&M. Olaf has his pickings of the Irish feminist twitterati if he wants to sue. The other person can hide in America all she likes.

        2. Lilly

          Apparently she was a dominatrix. That doesn’t mean she couldn’t be attacked. Why beat someone anywhere? Not sure what your point is.

          1. dave

            My point is that there could be another reason for the bruises. Being attacked may be only one possibility..

      1. dan

        Can confirm Chris is not Dan and vice versa. Maybe we both just believe that (shock horror) someone is not automatically guilty of a crime because someone in America said they were in a blog post. Weird, I know! :)

      2. Chris

        Nope, I’m not Dan, and I’m not sure why you’re taking that tone with me..as I said I know nothing about this other than what iv read here..and I simply called it as I saw it..

        My point about the bruising was that it wasn’t consistent with the impact of a first, elbow, knee or foot….however, it could be from a belt..

        But if its from a belt..why didn’t Dr Magnanti include that detail..as it is important and relevent if he is accused of using a weapon during the assault..

        1. Lilly

          @Chris – Now you’re just nitpicking. This is her attempt at getting something akin to justice for her friend. And all you can do is quibble with the detail because you couldn’t be bothered clicking on the links she provided.

        2. Paul Allen

          They were from a belt.

          I’m the person Laura was telling about the assault in the snapshot of the conversation. She’d lost the conversation, and I went into my twitter archive to find it.

  8. Catherine costelloe

    Its rather bizarre that considering the late Laura worked to protect sex workers that it took her 3 years to go to garda herself.

    1. Lilly

      I imagine it’s impossible to predict how anyone will respond to something as traumatic as sexual violence. It’s hardly like learning karate, is it?

      1. Catherine costelloe

        Laura in 2014 in her texts 19.10.’14
        ” yea,I know who it is . I’m not involving police as it was sexual as well”
        Is she alleging rape? Or it is bruising on her backside that upset her? I dont know frankly from her texts “Was it a client who turned nasty or just some randomer?”
        Laura ” A journalist, that’s why I’m keeping it down”.

      2. Bernie

        @ Catherine, Just because she worked to protect sex workers does not mean that she would be super-human and bullet-proof when she was attacked herself. Can you predict your state of being if you were beaten, defiled, humiliated and treated as though you were nothing? Read some personal accounts of people who have been attacked, sexually assaulted or both, before making these comments, become informed instead of making unhelpful, ignorant contributions.

        Also, men do tend to stick together when the subject of sexual assault / rape is discussed, speaks volumes about their mindsets. Pity their daughters if they are ever in the receiving end of these despicable acts.

        The treatment of sexual assault / rape victims is disgusting, they are the ones that end up on trial and yet people wonder why they often go unreported or are not reported for a long length of time. Educate yourselves and get past this pack mentality.

        1. Catherine costelloe

          Its all 3rd party from Ms Magentis I merely read texts sent by Ms Lee. I see no reference to being drugged , scarce on detail . Rape victims should go to Rape Crisis Centre even if they are unable to go to garda. Every chance vital evidence can be collected and if victim feels stronger in time hopefully evidence gathered could be vital to prosecuting the rapist.

          1. Bernie

            Catherine, your clinical coldness and matter of fact attitude gives you away every time matters such as this are discussed. Having your whole body examined and photographed, inside and out and regarded as a crime scene is so horribly invasive. After coming through being sexually assaulted, putting yourself through all of that along with the HIV testing, pregnancy testing etc is quite a mountain to climb, at your lowest and most vulnerable time.

          2. Bonjoe

            Magnanti says there were a number of statements taken from multiple people. Those people should release their statements.

        2. A person

          “Also, men do tend to stick together when the subject of sexual assault / rape is discussed, speaks volumes about their mindsets.”

          That is the most sexist statement on here. If you don’t think that men are equally disgusted by sexual assault, you are badly misinformed.

  9. Sfay

    People are so misinformed around false rape allegations- it rarely happens. Rapist walking around free to do it again and again is the norm. Im glad people have been made aware of Laura’s plight and allegations. I choose to believe her. Im so sorry this horrific incident happened. His tweet is vile. “When your uniform is knickers you cant expect respect”

      1. anyone

        Where did sfay say she was going to decide on matters of guilt? She was merely giving her opinions.
        Interesting how there is also a troll dog, as frilly might say, willing to jump down the throat of anyone, especially a female, willing to profess their view on things here.

        1. Frilly Keane

          Before you get yourself inta grief there now anyone
          It was ME who was called the Broadsheet Troll Dog
          No one else

          And it didn’t happen here
          Twas a guerilla ambush on twitter
          From another Columnist and a number of other Broadsheeters, past and present

          Thankfully, Sibling of Daedulus was the only infantry needed
          (As well as the only one that stepped up btw)
          With Fluffy making the tay

          1. anyone

            yea I don’t think you have ownership of the term frillzer

            I’m just borrowing it to apply to this situation

            it seems apt

    1. Frilly Keane



      It’s shocking he was allowed that opinion so easily and that tweet rested so quietly.

      Whatever ye’re all concluding from this tread and all the attached links

      Here’s sum’ting that’s there’s no disputing;
      Laura knew what to expect from the Guards in 2014
      So do you
      So do I

      And for Hot Press to house such a despicable opinion of working women in their ranks should have had some reactions.

      Christ. T’night.
      Boys and their pals

      And I’m called the cowardly Troll Dog ….

        1. Woof Woof Frilly Keane

          Couldn’t tell ya
          But one thing I do know

          If I hosted such a vile condescending tweet about lads and what they wear to work I’d take a hiding

          And most likely from lads around here as it happens

          Bhoys and their pals
          Doesn’t matter who what where there from or what they share it don’t share in common

          When it comes down to it
          They still all stick by each other

          1. anyone

            every single story on here

            every rape victim

            every mickey mouse two bit freeloader looking for column inches

            there’s never not a frillykeane angle

        2. lolly

          not sure Niall Stokes can be expected to monitor every staff member or contributor’s twitter account, he isn’t on twitter himself. also that was OT trying (and failing) to be funny/controversial etc. par for the course for him.
          personally I’m not surprised at all by this story to be honest, just seems (in my opinion) to fit. also the sex column was written by an articulate interesting woman. why shouldn’t there be a sex column?

          1. Lilly

            I wasn’t commenting on the sex column (haven’t read it), although the idea struck me as the ed getting his jollies vicariously in much the same way as the Sindo running voyeuristic pieces about knickerless teens at discos.

          2. Frilly Keane

            Whether the editor knew or not about the tweet is neither here nor dere afaic

            The Editor should have known
            And mainly for business reasons
            As imo
            A tweet like that has the potential to impact the publication
            Well it should have
            With all things being equal n’all
            Sales n’ advertising n’ stuff
            But shur’

            We all know how this goes
            Lads’ll stick by each other

            As the Ulster Boys would say
            Stand up for the Ulster men … Stand up…

    2. Lilly

      Someone should do a study on false rape allegations. I have only ever come across one. It involved a young, immature woman whose boyfriend had broken up with her and not long afterwards become engaged to someone else. Motive? Revenge, I presume. What motive would a mature woman have to falsely accuse a man she scarcely knew of rape? It would make no sense.

      1. dan

        There’s been a few lately covered in the UK press.
        I guess the point isn’t that they are rare (which they are), it’s that they happen at all.
        There are plenty of mentally ill people out there (both genders) who make up stuff for a variety of reasons. Hence due process.

        1. Martco

          +1 Dan

          Lilly I’m sorry to disagree. There’s loads of (to use considerate terminology here) mentally unstable people out there who for whatever reason do manky despicable things to other people. Due process exists for a reason.

          1. Lilly

            Fair enough. I’m not suggesting due process should be bypassed. Ever. I’m just saying in this instance, based on the little I know, I believe her. That belief is of no consequence, but I need to express it. And to offer condolences.

      2. Chris

        Well…watch out for the verdicts in a certain high profile rape trial up North..then you’ll have one to start off with..

        How do i know what the verdict will be before its delivered..


          1. Rachel King

            no , not enough evidence does not mean innocent. Truth is UK police are being monitored for not bringing enough reported rape cases to court, they claim a drunk person is not a reliable witness. Do women in UK, Ireland, Canada know that this is the view of policing, should Diego and drinks companies not be forced to put a warning label on alcohol, “if you are raped while under the influence of alcohol, statistics prove the police will not send your case to court”. If you are murdered, your crime can be investigated and the burden of proof will not be left to the victim. The case up NI will be studied for years as an example of Victim blaming and vilifying women who drink or party as somehow deserving of rape.

  10. Tom

    I think the way this has been published in America on Medium with no consideration for due process in Ireland is extremely unjust. And if Tyransen came back with a robust denial, saying, basically, here’s what really happened – or here’s as much as I can say while the matter is sub judice – most people would give him a fair hearing. But to be honest, the threat to sue (in America at least) rings very hollow. He’d need a mountain of cash and, even with that, he’d never get anywhere. And the flat, blanket denial has echoes of Trump’s “Fake news” i.e. trying to shut down the conversation without engaging with any of the specifics.

    1. Rich Expat

      He has dozens of Irish SJWs to potentially sue. I’ve already reached out to him and mentioned two that i know have substantial assets. They weren’t just retweeting the story but making their own claims.

  11. david

    Trial of media by media
    After this nugget no trial could take place as its in the public agenda
    Could he receive a fair trial or a jury which has not been influenced especially after the Harvey Weinstein campaign

    1. Rachel King

      what do they do in murder cases? Burglaries, no witnesses there either, maybe think about that question , why only rape/ domestic violence does the victim have to provide the proof?

  12. rotide

    Broadsheet trying to do journalism again.

    Oh well, I’ll just assume this has as much truth to it as the sandy hook shootings being faked and #qanon.

  13. Cian

    I don’t know the rights and wrongs of this case. But I do know that Brooke Magnanti doesn’t seem to know what the 1st amendment actually means.

  14. Bonjoe

    There are many unanswered questions which Magnanti conveniently leaves out –

    Why did the interview take place in a hotel bedroom and not in neutral ground such as a cafe/office or even by phone or email? Seems to be totally inappropriate in any circumstance.

    Why is this being only brought up now after her alleged suicide, it seems an easy way to stoke up blame and the flames of anguish and shut down all due process?

    Where’s the family, and why is her 16 year old daughter left to deal with the media and under the influence of aonymous clients, pimps and prostitutes like Magnanti and Escort Ireland (pimp Peter McCormick) groupies?

    Did it start out consensually and then was it refused or regretted? This is noticeably absent from Magnanti’s hit piece.

    What proof is there that she was drugged and why was she drinking in a hotel room during what should have been a short interview, there was no tests done because it wasn’t reported till four years later?

    1. Paul Allen

      Read some of the other posts on twitter. Someone else (a guy) said he was interviewed in a lobby or something, there was lots of drink, and there was a perfectly valid reason given to invite him up to the hotel room. It’s there the guy being interviewed said he was offered a blowjob by Olaf, three times I think.

      Many business dealings and interviews are carried out in hotel lobbies, function rooms, and even in upmarket hotel rooms.

      She spent 6 hours being interviewed by cops. She WAS in the process of taking it through court, when she died, and proceedings stopped. It’s under those circumstances that friends decided to make public the reason she was finally about to go to court.

      The family is well out of the spotlight, Brooke and others are doing this, with families permission.

      And if you understand the concept of consent, it doesn’t matter if someone is attacked right at the start, or if something got out of hand. you NEED to understand that consent can be withdrawn. But considering she says she was drugged and assaulted, I assume there was no consent given at any time.

      1. Cian

        What sort of drugs are we talking about?

        If someone offers alcohol, and then assaults them is this counted as drugging them first?

      2. BonJoe

        Good man Paul I wondered when you’d crawl out of your hole and fail to address anything. You’re on the list so I hope you keep your eyes out for the summons if Olaf follows up on who is who.

        1. Paul Allen

          How rude Bonjoe.

          I can only address what I can, and what I can’t address, I can’t address.

          I’m sorry if this isn’t enough for you.

        2. Frilly Keane

          What a dispicable thing to type

          I don’t know who this BonJob is Paul
          But I know he/ she’s only here around on this thread

          Very sorry about the loss of your friend Laura
          Stick with it

          Be like me
          Trust the internet

          Knobends Chancers Liars
          Be they rapists or blowhards
          Thieves or Thugs
          Will always get found out here / there

          Like I said above
          Where’s there’s one

    2. Lilly

      Who says the interview took place in a hotel bedroom? My reading of it was that the interview was done and dusted when he invited himself back to her hotel.

      1. BonJoe

        Someone else deduced that. If your version is true then that undermines the allegations massively – people don’t “invite themselves” back to hotel rooms.

        Like I said the truth isn’t coming out of Magnanti and that’s typical of her record.

        1. Paul Allen

          No Joe, but people use deception to get into all sorts of rooms.

          There are a variety of circumstances leading up to a sexual assault. Here are just four:-

          1. Completely startle the person, force yourself upon them. Consent is not given.

          2. Start innocuously, but then drug a person so that they’re not actually aware of what’s going on. Consent is not given.

          3. Get someone so drunk that they can’t consent. Consent is not given.

          4. Consent to a bit of fun, but the man takes it too far, and then doesn’t take no for an answer, and gets violent. Consent is now withdrawn.

          Whether initial meeting was in hotel room, in lobby, in Monaghan or on Mars, it doesn’t change the fact that if you don’t have consent, it’s sexual assault.

          And trying to debunk this by smearing Brooke, why that’s just transparent and so so typical of MRAs.

        2. Nigel

          They don’t? I guess you’re lucky you’ve never encountered a certain type of pushy, persistent stalkerish man. Not saying this guy is one, but the idea hardly stretches credulity.

          1. BonJoe

            This “pushy man raped me” is a load of crap, prostitutes know the score better than anyone else when it comes down to it and aren’t easily led or deceived. It lacks all credibility.

          2. Nigel

            In one paragraph you have validated a lot of what Laura Lee has said about sex workers bearing the ultimate brunt of rape and sexual violence.

          3. Lilly

            @BonJoe – So, let’s get this straight – are you saying a prostitute can’t be raped? That it’s just not possible?

        3. Lilly

          BonJoe, you’re coming across as full of crap. Or seriously short on grey matter. (Sorry to be so blunt.) HOW exactly does it undermine the allegation if he either invited himself, or was invited, back to her hotel room? How does that preclude a subsequent attack?

          People blag their way into all sorts of places all the time. So yes, inviting himself back to her hotel room would not be that unusual. Has your life been that sheltered? You’re just huffing and puffing here without saying anything of substance.

          1. BonJoe

            We’re never going to know if there was consent or not since the gardai dropped it according to Magnanti.

          2. Lilly

            Don’t be so sure. The Garda reopen files from time to time. The death of a complainant, for example, could well cause them to revisit an investigation.

    3. John Parsons

      If Magneta is so bothered about the daughter why doesn’t she donate some of those millions she made out of glamorising an industry that is far from glamorous?

      Ah… that’d be the book then

  15. Father Filth

    What has she got against not wearing ties.. this is all a bit tawdry.

    Good luck to her, she’ll need it. Expensive business, court shenanigans.

        1. Peter Dempsey

          If all the facts are available then there’s no speculation. Although what do I know? I don’t define myself as “liberal, feminist, progressive, secular, atheist, pro-choice and PRO SEX-WORKER”

          1. Paul Allen

            “Although what do I know? I don’t define myself as “liberal, feminist, progressive, secular, atheist, pro-choice and PRO SEX-WORKER””

            Yes Peter, that’s my FB bio breakdown. What point are you trying to make here by highlighting it, it’s not clear?

    1. Frilly Keane

      Do we Peter?
      How did that come about?

      Or are you just acting the boll1cks
      And trying ta’ throw your weight around
      Pretending ta’ be all knowing and right about stuff
      And typically The Man
      Would that be it

  16. sparkilicious

    Wow. BS you have lost the run of yourselves. Screenshots of text messages, a photo of a bruised rear end and a deceased complainant do not make for anything remotely approaching a prosecutable criminal case. Even if there was, in fact, a statement made to Gardaí, at best it is an allegation of wrongdoing, nothing more, nothing less… and without a live complainant, a criminal prosecution is impossible. You don’t need to be a lawyer to work out that giving oxygen to this ‘story’ is to trample all over basic concepts such as due process and the presumption of innocence. But then this website has form for this kind of mud slinging – the Kate Fitzpatrick ‘story’ from some time back was in exactly the same mould.

      1. sparkilicious

        Apologies for the mistake in the name. I actually believe in what I have just written (if that qualifies me as a troll, then fine – call me what you like). In the Kate Fitzgerald story, serious insinuations were made against people associated with the sad affair notwithstanding that the relevant authorities had found there was no basis for a prosecution of any kind. Here, you choose to amplify accusations that cannot result in a viable criminal prosecution. In the Kafkaesque world of BS, due process doesn’t get a look in: take very serious accusations at face value; don’t worry about whether the ‘evidence’ to back them up meets the accepted standard of proof; and sit back and watch as those accused are hanged in the court of BS readership. Believe it or not, I enjoy a lot of what your website offers but, imho, this story and the Kate Fitzgerald story have demonstrated a serious blind spot in your editorial policy: your site does not have a problem giving significant publicity to allegations and insinuations that cannot be proved (or disproved) in a court of law.

        1. Ami B and BS

          You seem to misunderstand the entire nature and flavor of this clickbait enterprise. Besides it’s not a court of law or a legislative body. If you feel broadsheet defamed someone we have laws for that

    1. Frilly Keane

      Well hardly Sparkle
      They got Kate’s name right
      And all the facts
      All tidied up into a time line

      Facts Sparkle
      Not PR emails to Eds or RTE bookers or FG Strategic Advertorials
      Plenty archive stuff here
      So Work away lad
      Or as PR one Guru would say to a Minister
      “Happy Reading”

  17. Tom

    Bonjoe, you seem very knowledgeable of, and invested in, this case. Assuming you have Olaf’s best interests at heart, I’d tread carefully. If he’s innocent, the best thing for any of his friends or supporters to do is to let him follow his lawyer’s advice and not deviate from that.

  18. stephen lane

    Until I read this article Id never heard of Dr Brooke Magnanti. Clinked on the link only to discover that ive been blocked by her on Twitter of all things. Im pretty much 1000% sure i’ve never had any interaction with her in any format. Curious.

  19. John Parsons

    A prostitute of 24 years lets a man into her hotel room without payment? I don’t believe it. Not after they had finished their discussion. There must have been only one reason he went to her room, and that was for a paid for encounter. I don’t buy the rape thing at all.
    I think as a prostitute she was on her uppers and trying to make a name for herself as an advocate to get work on some government committee as her work was drying up.
    She was not representative of independent sex workers. She took that handle upon herself, Not all indie sex workers welcome the adverse publicity she gave. Indeed she was not always as kind and generous as her acquaintances in the industry made her out to be. And she was aggressive when challenged. She advertised on Adult-work which houses pimps and traffickers as well as indies so that makes her something of a hypocrite. You can’t have your cake and eat it. You can’t deny trafficking when it is alive and well thanks to Laura Lee and any other indie prostitute who advertises on such a website. A huge double standard if I may say so

    1. Paul Allen

      Just so much wrong, made up nonsense here, I don’t know where to start.

      Clearly just deliberately provocative to get calm over reaction.

      So I’m not biting beyond this comment. And I recommend others don’t bite also.

  20. Paul Allen

    John Parsons: “Not at all… behind the scenes she was as nice as pie to those who backed her. To those who stood by and watched her car crash of a life and quietly got on with their own she meant zilch. Most indie working girls would steer clear of this attention seeking would be whore (should she get the work she purported to busy in). To be fair to an average punter, if that came a knocking on the door of my hotel, I would have sent her on her way.. but then I’m not a punter but I know a munter when I see one”

    How rude.

    Nice as pie? Yes, you’re right, she was indeed lovely. Wasn’t impressed with nuns though, or anyone else using their positions to ignore evidence and just rain down hate on sex workers because their morals said so.

    Car crash of a life? A stressful life at times for sure, but found time to bring up a wonderful daughter and provide for her. And her daughter is a copy of her mum in terms of values and activism, which is excellent.

    “Attention seeking would be whore”, lol. (Deliberately obnoxious doesn’t suit you honey). Different elements of her job (police liaison, occasional speaker at various events in order to change hearts and minds, trouble shooter for any sex workers who called her at any house, which was often) raised her profile, that’s undeniable. What’s a girl to do, ignore them?

    As for your munter statement, that’s just loathsome.

    That hate is clearly running in your veins John. It’s wretched. Where does it come from, are you working with the nuns?

  21. John Parsons

    Paul Allen “Found time to bring up a daughter”

    Well there’s a blessing then. In fact let’s give thanks to all mothers who bring up their daughters.

    I wonder who looked after the daughter when she went off to Glasto and all the other festivals?? Sure she was a wonderful mother

    1. Paul Allen

      “Well there’s a blessing then. In fact let’s give thanks to all mothers who bring up their daughters.”

      First comment from you that wan’t laced with hate. I know you didn’t intend that though.

      “I wonder who looked after the daughter when she went off to Glasto and all the other festivals?? Sure she was a wonderful mother”

      Father, but for the last one she was plenty old to look after herself. Do you believe that a mother should be tied to her children at all times, never leaving the house, and especially not the kitchen? Mothers can make all sort of child minding arrangements to allow themselves to go have fun… you know it’s 2018, right?

  22. Bernie

    Paul, ignore this bile-filled cretin, his retorts are hurtful, hateful and disgusting. To speak of someone that is recently deceased, in this way, it’s just not right.

    1. Paul Allen

      You’re right.

      Sadly, it’s those type of comments that Laura had to endure daily in her quest to help others and just be left alone to do her chosen work to provide for her daughter and furbabies.

      The moralistic side of the antis, it’s utterly filled with hate.

  23. Bernie

    He has no morals or limits, from what he has written here, and shamelessly, has absolutely no regard for her daughter.

    It’s awful that you have to read his spewings.

    Broadsheet, can you close the comments on this thread, please?

  24. John Parsons

    No. Enough. There will always be bandwagon people who fawn over people they do not even know and people who don’t. I knew this woman. I know someone who suffered at her hands. I know someone else whose life was made intolerable by this woman and her sisterhood friends. Not everyone is perfect, least of all me, but I am fair minded and it disgusts me to read all this emotional crap when behind the scenes Laura Lee could be and was unpleasant to some individuals. Individuals whom she knew had no power to defend their honour in the face of such a formidable human being both mentally and certainly physically going by the very size of her.

    Laura Lee was self serving. That is my considered opinion and as such I am entitled to it. Beggorah


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